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to shanghai, did that one on a train
short martinis on the up
cairns to brisbane
accidental bumping into
strangers no offence
everyone’s gotta make a living

its a whatday is it a fuckin epic

hello, two drunken american tourists
playing poker instead
boys really

where are you Michael Bauer
this one’s for you
i said
semantically improved
and dare I say well and truely


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  1. I like the last three lines in particular Mr. Squires. They swing and sway. 🙂

  2. bumping into strangers, ‘excuse me, I’m sorry, mind where you’re going, coffee?, sex? or steal?’ This rolls with the teeth grinding squeak of brakes somewhere around the bow-er. Perfect.

  3. Thankyou. I am going to submit this one to Cordite. There are asking for ‘epic’ poetry. I’m sure they’ll need a few short epic poems.

  4. very nice poem, very nice. I have to tell you something you might not like to now, michael bawer is not a real person.

    bye, dont hate my for what I said

  5. Who doesn’t need more short, epic poems… now, it’s martini time.

  6. boys, really!

  7. Dare I say…well done.

  8. Excellent~ Hope all is well. Have a great night.

  9. This one rocks, rolls, and speaks with easy syncopation. A delight!

  10. Ah yes I think Michael would appreciate this one
    and here it is almost your 2 year blogoversary and do you remember what you posted way back then? yes something about the one and only Michael Bauer…

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