Representational versus Utopian Art.

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I write the title and then the thought is gone. It’s all just/

No, I remember now, violence.
Is the difference. And there is a pornography
of violence. That come be of some/

That Guernica is the best work of art to
look at if you want to see the
Twentieth Century and what
those bastards were up to.

George Grosz. Somehow requires a
belief is some thing. Not God.
Each other maybe, some lamed wufnick
tale, spies wandering Eastern Europe
jobless now the cold war is hot again.

Mercenary traders in a world of anti-semites
is how they’ld like to see us.


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  1. reading a poem like this is like watching your brain work, how it progresses from one thought to another. really like this one 🙂

  2. The thinker thinking. I just bit my lower lip, simultaneously winking my left eye, just in time to adjust my point of view. Here it is:
    The cold war is indeed hot
    spies are never truly out of work, as paranoia is more a personality trait than an occupation.
    God is not to be believed, if you believe what you feel.
    Traders of the mercenary kind never fail to seal the deal.

    Regarding the others…who knows? Nice Mr. Squires, very nice. 🙂

  3. Yay Paul you did the 3:15 experiment!! Good for you! I hope you keep at it–this is a very cool piece that shows the movement of your mind!

  4. A fascinating poem — it strikes me as an exploration of thinking, then feeling, then thinking about what to feel.

  5. Speechless….

    Nope. Still speechless.

    I will think about it & respond when I recover.

  6. I forget all the time, scatterbrain is my mind

    The glorification of violence, the “pornography of violence,” which we decent folks condemn, requires perverse and obsessive denial and repression of the real effects of violent action…. [W]e know it pricks our interest and that, neurotically almost, we work obsessively, impossibly, to avoid contaminating ourselves.

    And excuse me my frame but I think the guernica is lame. Unlike your poetry that is great. Like this marvelous one.

    They would like to see us like that because they need someone to blame or to call the bad guys, that is all, phantoms are always recalled.

  7. Pictures don’t have titles, but something like a false idea about composition sometimes does the mischief of a title and leads one astray. And so, in every art there’s: try, try again.

    In reading about hypnosis I encountered the idea of “try” being a “fail” word. And certainly it always has that connotation lurking inside it, like a trap door. But “try” also holds great possibilities inside its basements, attics and closets. I always try stuff in art. I always counsel others to try. The failing is itself sometimes very felicitous in leading one into new neighborhoods of thought.

    If some be blind alleys, well those can be beautiful too. I’ve sauntered happily down the streets of many a pretty cul-de-sac.

    Art always represents. Sometimes we don’t know what. And, I suppose, it’s always utopian given that there’s always a big fishyfish that gets a way.

    A thought provoking dialog, Maxine’s got going there.

  8. Guernica, George Grosz, the whole poem. I, of course, can relate.

  9. cannot help but to think of cain and able… am i my brother’s keeper… well, you did mention the word god… and then again, there’s the whole cowboy and indians… bad guys/good guys.. thatz a blend that’s never fully realized who is who… when you speak of art i think of diego rivera when he painted those murals that were so controversial in the halls of government buildings… ahh, we are but a simple people.. the flailing of arms trying to capture the goodness of life inbetween the violence of the magnificent seven…you know that movie was a true piece of art…. yul brenner and all in his finest…besides the king and i of course… ah, a thinking man is always a pleasure…

  10. paul, you rendered maxine speechless – that, in and of itself, is quite an achievement seeing that she is not known for being short on words. the pornography of violence never dies – “triumph of the will” is basically one long fascist money shot.

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