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keith jarrett realising it
was the wrong piano
twenty minutes to go plays

the Koln Concert

perhaps the piano was right
pats his jacket pocket
an end to romance

just his Yakuza hands realising
absynthe again
one wedgetailed eagle

dividing the sun

(This poem appeared in Extempore Magazine, Issue #3)



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  1. incoming link from Why Do Humans Read Poetry…Load.

  2. For some reason, beyond articulation, reading that was sad as hell.

  3. there are so many culturally (past and present) allusions in such a short piece. Just awesome!

  4. I can imagine the piano can be wrong just the same as my pen can be wrong.

  5. I don’t think the piano was right – it just didn’t seem to matter. This poem could be perceived as being very dark (are the other nine fingers in mourning at their loss) or darkness and light.

  6. Sometimes when things feel wrong, we can try to make them feel right…sometimes on those wonderfully rare occasions we can actually succeed in making the wrong into a right.

    Your words are as always interesting, thoughtful and leave me asking more questions than when I first arrived… just wonderful!

  7. Very interesting image, the one about jarret realizing about the wrong instrument withing 20 minutes of the concert start. As obsesive as he probably is, I can imagine his anxiety. I wonder how many pills did he take to be able to play in his concert. By the way very nice sounding poem paul

  8. OOh, what a beauty! Wanders around the stage like a vague, night-in-day-day-is-night musician, tinkles around with words.


  9. Very strange business to put oneself inside the head of a musician playing a pivotal concert. Wonderful. I will hear the concert differently next time wondering about this.

  10. instantaneous thought “…rock on..” doesnt appear as a suffering tune… having a weakness for the black and white feel of the keys an experience outside one’s comfort zone often creates a world that previous did not exist… ah the skills of the master’s hand… the eagle flys higher than most… another thought provoking vision… halfed twice…

  11. Is this from the 3:15 experiment? If so, you should post a link on the facebook site. 🙂 it certainly sounds like the imaginings of a hypnagogic state.

  12. This is way too well thought out to be a hypnagogic or hypnopompic state.

  13. “Yakuza hands”= brilliant phrase.

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