100,000 Questions

July 29, 2009 at 6:44 pm | Posted in blogging | 23 Comments
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Pop! Fizz and champagne bubble, glug glug out of the bottle, Valentino Rossi style.
100,000 times some poor soul has ended up here, either lost or in search of some strange solace, comfort round the campfire, only to find themselves enmeshed in my wicked scheme, haha.

It does make me happy. I know it doesn’t mean I am a great poet, just that I have stayed in one place long enough. I know it doesn’t mean I am a good person, just that I am a clever pusher of buttons. I know what I am doing, believe it or not.

And so, for all 100,000 individual page views, each one of which was a genuine question and fascination to me, I say to you strangely wondrous and wonderful humans (and the occasional bot) I am having so much fun! Thankyou!

100,000 fallings down into bottomless wordwhole whirlpools pursued by irate platypi,
100,000 chasings round midsummer maypoles giggling redcheeked peasant girls
100,000 scratchings of bonces pondering hmm, whyfore that one this way comes
100,000 why hello, have you heard of redemption through hugging?



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  1. Here’s to another 100 000 Paul.
    And another and another, Maxine,

  2. Here’s a hug ((((((((((((((((((((((Paul))))))))))))))))))))), now pass the Champers!
    Yayay (((((((((((((((((((((((you))))))))))))))))))))), glug glug,

  3. Congrats to you Paul. Looks like I get to be number 100,000. Cheers!!!
    Cheers!!! Thank goodness it was you, Brad and not a button pushing error!

  4. Congrats and thanks for the feature.
    Thanks, Cocoyea. You’re welcome, I love your writing, so vivid and alive.

  5. Way to go, Joe. Keep on having so much fun – you make my day a bit lighter with all your wonderful characters, mayhem and journeys back to childhood memories.
    Happy to be of assistance, Gabrielle.

  6. Ah Paul, you are wonderful, dont you stop believing that! Congratulations!!!!
    SO are you, Ms Mist!

  7. So long as you’re having fun…

    Did the 100,000th visitor win a prize?
    Yep, eternal gratitude, Stu.

  8. *ahem*
    I confess
    it’s possible I may click in a few times a day to see if you’ve added anything and, well, you know, read comments and stuff.
    Glad to contribute 😛
    Thankyou, Samantha, you rock!

  9. 100,000. Many circles and a 1. Congratulations on passing a mile stone and not a kidney stone. 😉 Seriously, simply spectacular Mr. Squires!
    Haha, thankyou, Val. Schimply Schpectacular!

  10. This click’s for you, Paul! And may your 100,000 add many zeros more to the right! AK
    Thankyou, Aletha. Here’s to the fishy-fish!

  11. Happy one hundred thousand Mr Squires! I hope you indulge in a cold one or two to celebrate. With my own low profile, I may have reached one tenth of that number, so I can only imagine what glories await you in poetry heaven…cheers
    Ms Waller! i will be indulging in several cool ones at beer o’clock, about 6 hours away. Your profile is unnecessarily low, your poetry is beautiful. Why are so many good poets so shy?

  12. Cheers to you, Paul, and for all you do in building up this vibrant community of yours!
    Thanks, AP. Cheers, any wine left in that bottle?

  13. And I am glad to be one of the 100,000. Great achievement, Paul!
    Thankyou Selma. It’s beer oclock at last!

  14. thank christ it’s still fun for you, that way we’ll know you won’t go on hiatus anytime soon. thanks for all the fantastic words, ideas, and all the support you have given all of us word-slingers who come by. genuinely appreciated.
    Oh you know Jason, the fun wears off after a while. If I keep looking at the world eventually I see something I don’t like. Your twitter novel poem is brilliant.

  15. No matter how you look at it, Paul, that number is a wonderful and noteworthy milestone. I am proud of you and proud for you. You’ve created one of the finest blogs on the ‘net.

    I’ll drink to you, to Gingatao, and to the future.
    The future is inevitable so we may as well drink to it and welcome it, I agree.

  16. xxooxoxox

    awesome, Paul.

  17. Been absent. Missed you. 100,001. Not a bot.
    You are definitely not a bot, Ms Squirrel.

  18. ((paul))
    That’s pretty awesome. Redemption through hugging is brilliant!
    The original free hugs campaign which was one of the first viral events was started by an Australian and a cardboard sign, Harmonie. What a role-model.

  19. What a beautiful mind…I found you by way of caliban’s cave at Waldo’s in Vero Beach…Thank you for the hug..xox joy
    Cool, thankyou. Insert link to Waldo’s. I don’t remember being there but I bet had a great night. I’ll remember the bells forever though.

  20. 100,000 omg! that is crazy 🙂
    i really enjoy the sonic quality of the piece, the way the sounds of the words repeat within each other to keep it going.

    Very nice!

  21. Oh Paul, you are so wonderful. You deserve this many visitors again and again. 100,000 must be your lucky number!

    Congratulations are most definitely in order and I do hope you raised a glass on behalf of all your readers… 8)

  22. blessings upon blessings paul … isnt it wonderful that smiling hugs are free for those who are inclined to participate… keep thinking good thoughts ..pan in neverneverland!!!

  23. Congratulations! May many more hundreds of thousands come your way!

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