The pianoplayer remembers be-bop

July 24, 2009 at 8:21 pm | Posted in contemporary poetry, poetry, writing | 14 Comments
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It was Goebbels, whenever I hear the word Kulcher
I reach for my

first table – his generic accent chatter pockets full
of documents, crowded uncool, sniffing
tucking tail under, her rectangular spectacles
and crab-like advantage

(passing silk drift, where’s F.? passed)

haircut cool proof of cleverness through criticism

if I needed patronage I’ld have a tip jar
left hand left hand right!

salt fish and absynthe slaps my back
le-left, the old man, his hat?
be bopping
on a flat plastic sea
like a cruise ship crew

F. she says Scott Joplining by
leave the piano player alone
he’s concentrating
on day dreaming

“What do I care for any crews,
Carriers of English cotton and Flemish grain!
Bargemen and all that rubbish left behind,
the waters let me go my own way.”
Arthur Rimbaud


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  1. Love the poem but your quote captures my attention. the waters let me go my own way is powerful. I think that’s what makes us special when we can engage in the different instead of the norm. Well done. Have a great day.

  2. too cool. 🙂

    F. she says Scott Joplining by
    leave the piano player alone
    he’s concentrating
    on day dreaming

  3. I like people who concentrate on day dreaming. It shows commitment.

    (Lovely to see the piano player again. I’ve always liked him)

  4. Beautiful and sad poem, on one side you are remembering some of the be bop players. On the other side you are talking in a subtle way about the natzies and how they did the things their own nasty way,

  5. The puzzle begins to unravel, ever so slightly. Love the piano player as well. One must definitely concentrate on day dreaming.

  6. Clever is a “crab-like advantage”.
    Makes me think of a hanger-on-er.

    “be bopping
    on a flat plastic sea”
    is a new, and I will say, original way
    of seeing someone’s fingers walking on water.

    Scott Joplin is from my home town–Sedalia, Missouri.
    He is still honored with festivals from time to time.
    Just thought I might add that. Small world, huh?

  7. there’s all kinds of great riffs in here, but my favorite has to be: haircut cool proof of cleverness through criticism. if i didnt like you so much i’d steal that shit.

  8. i see the pianoplayer’s memory is still very much photographic.
    feel as if i’ve been on another vacation. much needed.

  9. Your soul is … not understanding

  10. my favorite is “haircut cool proof of cleverness through criticism” this scene is very well done, it feels exactly like a memory, the effect is really awesome!

  11. Classic Squires. Your style, this style, has become comfort-poetry for me, when you incorporate rhythm and music and your cast of characters.. instantly recognizable.

    on day dreaming

    Oh if only our teachers would recognize that day dreaming is as important as mathematics and science!

  12. I Ain’t Gonna Give Nobody None o’ This Jelly Roll
    said Gutbucket Al,
    syncopating by.

  13. Rimbaud? Mr. Squires, I do declare you are exposing your tasteful eloquent side. Merci for using Arthur’s words.

  14. have a million moments to spare cannot help but to indulge the comment section… it was somethin’ abt that 1 million mark… floatin’ on a sea of glass in timeless duplicity.. but then thrs that “…crablike advantage..” stops me cold… bad thing, good thing.. gonna at least consider the symbolism at best… left handers are always ambidexerious (spelling??..too lazy to check)..having to reach into the beyond.. now thaz a crablike advantage… had a fun visit of challenging thinking thoughts, intertwined with a seasalt breezy voyage…

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