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July 12, 2009 at 11:28 am | Posted in poetry, writing | 20 Comments
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jazz garden
touched by morning light
exchange of bird song
to an ice white moon
reluctant to slide
under you

impossibly blue
jazz green hippos dance
in surplus trees too

whisper wake awake
jazz garden under moon
white sheets songbird
longing twice renewed
one tracery one true


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  1. light and lovely, like lovers lips

  2. That is very beautiful for a Sunday morning.

  3. Gorgeous

  4. it’s just great, takes my mind to a quiet, blue-green place

  5. Beautiful. Have a great day.

  6. Ice white moon – it’s rare to find a new way to include the jewel of the night sky in poetry. You’ve done it and I love it.

    This poem is quiet music. And that’s a good thing for my Sunday afternoon.

  7. lovely…

  8. A dance on the tongue. Love it.

  9. Beautiful and enchanting, Paul.

  10. whisper wake awake is totally wonderful.

  11. Oh WOW! The colours, the sights, the sounds, the feelings and that certain kind of ‘charged atmosphere’ which resonates through the air – you have captured everything so wonderfully well…

  12. nice. it made my heart flutter a little and that’s no small feat these days, so thanks! beautiful.

  13. Thankyou everybody. You are too kind.

  14. a lovely little sonnet song

    perfect for this moon we’ve been enjoying around here

  15. oh my god…jazz garden, ice white moon, songbird, whoa…a palette of remarkable imagery.

  16. paul / would love to hear you read this live. not in the mood for deep poetry today & you hit the spot. oh / & watch the mail tomorrow / i sent you a kind of barbie doll.

  17. Lovely, it seems you have been listening to a lot of jazz later. Go with the guy who plays the longer sax not the chet baker alto one. Go with rollins, marsalis, and a millon on. But if you are planning to keep playing in the jungle, take good care of the instrument cause hippos can easily brake them

  18. Gorgeous — musical, lyrical. I can hear the words singing in my mind as I read.

  19. gorgeous, and what a finale, perfect!!!

  20. Very nice, I think I can relate to it, it brings back a wonderful memory.

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