Con-temporary Poetry

July 6, 2009 at 7:06 pm | Posted in australian poetry, contemporary poetry, poetry, writing | 20 Comments
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All poems are experiments, experiments in experience

all are equally difficult to see in their entirety

equally easy to read for sounds and subtle thrills.

When a simple tale of the honesty of water spills/ over

slipways and invades the footpath canvas of street artists,

and Banksy’s anonymity runs graffiti over frames,

Western minds

which delight in dis/section into categories

sticky plaster labels, con-temporary

, a temporary con, and in the

absence of sensible syntax

while somewhere between giggling and tummyful

sits sunonhead under banyan trees

integrating in mysterious digestion

the wondrous simplicity of pastries.



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  1. word!
    Which one!? Haha, thanks Noah.

  2. Your poems are the most successful experiment of all.

    Sometimes Paul your mind and words astound me with what you are able to express…impressive indeed!!
    Thankyou, Tracey. I’m going back to the lab to see what we have cooked up.

  3. You experiment well with words and the placement of them upon your page adds to your creativity. Well done. Have a great day.
    Thanks, Michelle. You too.

  4. Those western minds are leaning rather conspicuously to the right, Paul. I have to admit I am dangling far left over the ‘a’ for absence. I could go some of those pastries right about now. How is it that your experiments are always so goddamn delightful?
    It’s the lightness of the pastry, Brad.

  5. As always Mr. Squires, an interesting read. I finally received your book by post and it is well compiled and uniquely you. 🙂
    Cool, thanks Val. Uniquely me is something I strive for when I am not pretending to be someone else. Hope the book gives you a lifetime of reading pleasure, at the moment it is looking like it might be my one and only.

  6. i like it…because poems people simply use as collage for beautiful effect…and you use for critical effect….
    poem must be critical…any expression must be critical of the context…contemporary….hehe…

    its always con and temporary
    but breaking down happens only
    when our vision see the distance
    of past and future

    contemporary might mean awareness
    of presence and its futility
    may be its core is humility
    of the farther vision, where

    we know past present were temporary
    but still we moved on and are standing
    in present…so something occurred

    so what to call
    and how to gauge
    everything is not con
    nor everything is temporary

    this awareness of in between
    is contemporary…
    Hello, that is very cool, thanks.

  7. “a temporary con” – I love it when you wave your wand/pen around, Wizard Squires – you make magic.
    Thanks, Bryan. I have been slack in my commenting lately. I am off to read your latest right now.

  8. Clever lovely poem about poetry. I’ve missed your word art, Paul.
    Thankyou, Harmonie. I’m sure sailing the Greek Islands was fair compensation.

  9. Very Well Done.
    Thankyou, Meleah.

  10. Aw shit, this is good, Paul.
    Cool, now get back to your novel, Simonne, nag nag,

  11. Forgot how to read lately. A refreshing return.
    Ms Squirrel!! Hello,

  12. honesty of water — I like that. Well, I would. Like a fish.
    Yes, the shared fishy fish obsession, Aletha. Yours are beyond beautiful.

  13. Ah, ‘Western minds’ and their categories… the lies we tell ourselves and each other…
    Yes indeed, Stu. Water is possessed of a very rare honesty, one that no writer can realistically aspire to.

  14. This one made me grin from ear to ear — it overflows with the honesty and delight of creation.
    Cool, glad you enjoyed it, Thomma Lyn.

  15. I hope that isn’t true Mr. Squires. If it is your one and only book, that is truly sad because I believe you are a novelist. Yes you are a poet, but you can tell a story my friend and that is not mean feat. Of course, that is simply my opinion and does not represent the opinions of all the other opinionated people on this planet who like to extol the many virtues of their opinions. 🙂
    Haha, and there are a lot of them, Val. I am trying to get the new book underway but there are so many options, I am bit befuddled at the moment.

  16. wonderful! I recommended to my students they check your site out–I sure hope they do and read this poem! hmmn maybe tomorrow, I’ll send them all here when we’re in the computer lab. I can do that, you know. I have that kind of influence over them.
    Cool, I’ll try to be sober when they show up. Can you ask them to write me a comment if they do drop by?

  17. another brilliant work! Your poems are very rhythmic as they are profound. Experimental and brilliant! Damn, I wish I can write like you! =)
    Thanks, Benjamin. Today I wish I could write like this too. It comes and goes. I really like the strange surreal slightly twisted vision in your poems.

  18. nice one!

  19. i think western minds have a well developed sense of ownerships and boundaries, well, everything has a basic reason and working instinct

    also everything is an experiment, and the fear against it the challenge 🙂 this was very neat!
    Thankyou, Ms Mist. I agree.

  20. Beautifull text, thought provoking too
    con temporary, what is this, is it a disadvantage that is temporary?
    temporary con, is it a temporary thing that turns out to be a disadvantage?
    what is contemporary? is it current? belonging to this times?

    There is a wierd joy people obtain from dis/secting into categories, maybe that
    is a real con-temporary thing.
    Thanks, Marianna, pros and cons and cons and grifters, all good questions.

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