F tattoo (in G, is for horses)

July 4, 2009 at 9:04 am | Posted in australian poetry, contemporary poetry, genre isn't dead yet but it should be, poetry, writing | 16 Comments
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Fear. and freedom from it.
looking in mirrors and startling

fantastical modifications in form
with no apparent function

p is for pointless alliteration
without contrasting consonants

F is for free
to give it all away

and go sailing.


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  1. Really driving this one home, heh? Two posts with the same, well, everything. Nicely done. Hope all is well.


  2. Yes sorry about that, it was a button pushing error and I had already sent one out the RSS and linked to the other one from the Twitter so I have to leave them both there for now. Sorry. Hope you have a fantastic weekend too, Michelle.

  3. Wonderful…freedom is a destination we should all pursue. Your words float beautifully…

    There is no boundary which can contain, no barrier which cannot be overcome, and no rule that cannot be broken…
    Absolutely true, Tracey and beautifully written too, your comment.

  4. I liked this a lot paul.
    I was thinking what about choosing the letter you start the sentence with not from the first letter of the word, but from the middle of it.

    It will be something like

    I for the shining places as night
    That is beautiful, Mariana.

  5. i love it, and the “F” link in the double post that takes me to a squires masterclass. notebooks out, plagiarists!
    The place is crawling with them, Jason. Some people don’t seem to understand the difference between attributed influence and theft.

  6. Paul, you boundaries-pushing poet, you. F is for fantastic. F is also for Facebook friending someone then vanishing so that someone can’t find you on Facebook again.
    F is for the fantastic friends like you, Bryan. I made a facebook, connected three different communities with it, realised again how hopeless I am at social netwroking and deleted it to save time. I shall only be embarrassing myself here and in twitter and in the podcast now.

  7. Very interesting stuff Paul. Your poetry always makes me think. 🙂
    Cool, thanks Val.

  8. I want to give it all away but fear I will be uncomfortable with the absolute freedom that ensues. Maybe real freedom lies in being able to choose (one one’s own terms) between staying and going . Yet the thought of just sailing contains such magic.
    F is for faith too, Selma.

  9. f is also for flarf, and freedom from fossil fuels, and independence day in the USA and feeling the ocean breeze on my face (at least these are the p for places I’ve been going)
    Aragar don’t mention that ‘f’ word around here, AP.

  10. I like this, but seem entirely incapable of articulating, in a literary sense, why. This is a very worrying sign that my brain must be getting old.
    Thanks. Join the gang, Ben. ‘Why in a literary sense’ is something for academics to confuse themselves over.

  11. Yes, freedom from fear — fear, to my mind, is an insidious and chronic disease which is both soul-crushing and mind-crushing. And those contrasting consonants — we need those, too, though sadly, so many people fear them.
    It is soul and mind crushing and can be hard to escape. It’s the cynical nay-sayers who cannot hear the contrasting voices, Thomma Lyn.

  12. Oh, Paul. If I had more time I would love to illustrate this as a picture-book. Parcel sent to you in the post today.
    Oh that would be cool, I would love someone to illustrate my poems, Maxine. A parcel! Is it your book with your signature, I hope so, woohoo,

  13. F is for f..k yeah!
    Yeah! Go, go, go,

  14. Bbbbbrrrrrrwww, yeah, Banksy. Loving it.
    Cool bananas. If you are loving it, Jen Jewel Brown, I must be doing something right. Banksy is a rolemodel for all of us, I think.

  15. F is for fantastic!

    I seem to be always coming late to the party lately don’t I?
    I’m loving the flavor of the linguistic diction twists in your poetry lately, like Jason said this is really reallllllly good good, so good I want to put it in a glass and drink it (but not plagiarize it haha).


    PS Freedom isn’t for free (yet).
    Cheers, Harmonie! ‘linguistic diction twists’, haha, that is like the twist of lime on the edge of the glass. Bottoms up!

  16. oyea, the lack of a point makes for some exciting rambles :)!!! F is for futility and the fun of it

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