Don’t Do That, Squires

June 26, 2009 at 6:35 pm | Posted in genre isn't dead yet but it should be, links, memoirs | 9 Comments
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not right now. It’s Friday night
he said, not again, squalls approaching
loves me a pirate poem i do
in fact if you don’t write one right
now this cannons pointing
at you.

Been a long at time at sea. Haha,
Sir! We have received orders.
fuck, release the vodpod he says

scrambling for his trousers
some other lame excuse
will have to do


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  1. Quick comment today as I have a busy day. Excellent write. Hope all is well.
    huh? Hello, Michelle

  2. Possessive apostrophes rock.
    Rock hard, haha

  3. I like this one. Makes me wanna play, and use my eye patch.
    You gotta love a pirate poem, Mariana.

  4. release the vodpod hahahaha
    this is like peering thru a mariners telescope
    and seeing a pirate boat manned by monkeys
    most enjoyable, thank you
    You are most welcome, Tipota.

  5. right at my mental level this evening 🙂
    Mine too, Jessie. I’m thinking about serious poetry which is also humourous. I think it’s possible.

  6. yes “release the vodpod” is classic and love “loves me a pirate poem i do”

    I like going from the end to the beginning again very much.
    Cool, thanks AP.

  7. Ha harr! Love it! 🙂
    Harr harr, did you know there is a Pirate Poem week coming again this year, Simonne?

  8. 😀 so what are you waiting for, or did waited for?
    An appropriate target, Ms Mist, haha.

  9. arr, had a good time wi’ this one, ya scurvy cur!

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