Three Legged Dog

May 31, 2009 at 12:33 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 23 Comments
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We all have to make sacrifices besides sometimes the thing sacrificed was just getting in the way, lazily licking his balls and looking up at the old man pedantically clicking away crazily chasing immortality fox terrier yapping a Volkswagon.

He’s been reading Voltaire again thinks the three legged dog snapping at a passing fly. God put me on earth to achieve a certain number of things,
right now I am so far behind, I’ll never die.
That’s not Voltaire you silly old bugger, it’s  Calvin and Hobbes.

He contorts and rolls onto his paws, trots out into the street, eyes bright, nose in the air, hmmm, there’s something worth following, right over there…

Meanwhile the old mans hands
keep dancing
this way Leda
that way Zeus,
It’s not enough to conquer
one must also seduce,


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  1. “It’s not enough to conquer, one must also seduce.” Voltaire.
    I have linked this piece to various other pieces which trace a theme. I am starting to plan the next book and this is a way for me to keep track of what I am doing. They tell a little story too which is cool, but you don’t need to click all the links or anything, you can wait for the book, if you like.

  2. […] or nutted out a change of tense in a difficult sentence. Then I would open the front door and he would bound to the  gate just in time. He got so insanely happy when you appeared whistling and […]

  3. An interesting prose poem! Nicely done!

  4. i’m so far behind too, i know how you feel fella.
    Yes, it’s a permanent state.

  5. Lovely poem
    That’s not Voltaire you silly old bugger, it’s Calvin and Hobbes:”there are practically indistinguishable the absurd from the sublime”

    The important is to seduce, cause that’s the path you have to travel, the conquest is the end, which is nothing.
    Thanks, Mariana.

  6. You sir are indeed a master of pace and rhythm … once again you exhibit wonderful balance.
    Thankyou, Tracey.

  7. I agree, the balance here is brilliant. You highlight once again that prose and poetry are indeed close blood-brothers, if often seemingly at war. And this might be an odd thing to write, but I feel like I know that dog 🙂
    Woof! Haha, thanks Maxine.

  8. absolutely delightful fun to read! vivid and sort of dusty, a cinematic sort of detailing, wonderful.
    Cinematic, cool, thankyou, Tipota. Each of the pieces joined by links could be a scene in the poemovie.

  9. The dog as both critic and disenchanted observer. I loved this.
    Cool, I’m very glad you did, Val.

  10. lovely. writing for pleasure? what-?

    just kidding. I liked this one. Keep writing, keep dancing, hope your well.
    I am very well, thankyou, Harmonie. Singing and dancing,

  11. Hello Paul~ My favorite line: It’s not enough to conquer
    one must also seduce,

    Your writing has a very distinctive sound/ rhythm. Its pulse leading the reader through the entire path. Keep up the good work. Have a nice night.
    That is a nice line from Voltaire, one of my favourite writers. Thankyou for your comment, Anonymouse.

  12. So many excellent lines and vivid images. And I adore “God put me on earth to achieve a certain number of things, right now I am so far behind, I’ll never die.” Heh. 🙂

    I can relate to feeling like a three-legged dog.
    Woof! Scratch scratch. Thankyou, Thommalyn.

  13. Thank you for finding me and leading me here to this place, your place.When time is more my own I shall return to read some more, because I am liking your words.
    You’re welcome Sarah, thankyou for dropping by. You have many beautiful poems in your collection.

  14. Lovely lackadaisical poem with a three-legged rhythm. I had three-legged Siamese cat called Zut Alors, who used to sewing and swagger and bob around in a happy, laid-back,clownish manner like this. This is a really fun poem I want to follow around to see where it’s going.

    Cool, thankyou Jen Jewel Brown. We should get the two three legged beasties together, that would be fun.

  15. Voltaire was right and Bill Watterson was wrong 😦 ? But Bill’s still alive, his reality so much closer, no? this reminds me of something …

    Loved the first line, it is genius 🙂
    Thankyou, Ms Mist. I have been reading a lot of Bill Watterson lately. He is much more than a cartoonist, that’s for sure.

  16. Helllooooooooooooo, my friend, 🙂

    Rarely log on the internet these days, and here I come along to read this piece which is so easily lovable that people might become violent and lose their peace in their desperate, competitive measures of seducing it! 😀

    The night sings, God sighs while taking a break from angry and demanding feedback forms, while Paul Squires leaves his immortal imprint amongst the legends of letters,
    Sumedh! Hellooooooooo, my friend. I have missed you. Have you been seeking enlightening in the mountains again? That is a most wonderful comment, thankyou.

  17. So when do we go and trek those himalayas ?
    As soon as possible, Sumedh. I must get a passport.

  18. What a wonderful comment from Sumedh!

    There is a twinkle in this, fersure. Love it.
    It is, everything Sumedh writes is wonderful. The very archetype of the erudite gentleman and a most wonderful friend. Thankyou, I’m glad you liked it, Narnie.

  19. Favorite. Line. Ever. = That’s not Voltaire you silly old bugger, it’s Calvin and Hobbes.

    I am adopting it as my new catchphrase. I’m going to insert this into my vocabulary. It will sweep America. Watch.
    Cool, with you on the case, Bryan, it probably will. You are a superstar.

  20. I love your poems!

  21. The magic just keeps on coming… One may read Voltaire, one may read Calvin and Hobbes; I say read Squires…

    It’s not enough to conquer
    one must also seduce

    Thanks, Graham. You’re doing great work over there too. The magic of the internet moves in mysterious ways.

  22. hi paul…a beaut that makes me smile… rich weave of words… the journey of a 3-legd dog following a scent… leavin a few nibbled bones behind…
    Hello, Ms Pie. Making you smile makes me smile.

  23. love your use of hypertext 🙂

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