the neo-avant post-flarff poem

May 11, 2009 at 7:15 pm | Posted in australian poetry, poetry | 11 Comments
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Mister Ponderous shifts in his seat and raises his quill

then I shall laugh aloud and
most merrily
at the post award giving
ceremon’y seeing the faces
of the arbitration commission
when they assert that from
five thousand petitions
they have chosen the one
which shows the most quality

He makes a note with a flourish
Submit, The Premier’s Poetry Competition. He pats the old three legged dog at his feet, and with the prize I think I shall buy a brand new toupee.


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  1. He he he.
    Haha, I’m thinking I will submit this one, Maxine. Perhaps I can hope for an ‘honourable mention’?

  2. I must wish the Mister luck.
    That’s some bookoo bucks there!
    Poor dog. His master is his crutch.
    I have passed on your sympathy, Mr Tree, he rolled his eyes.

  3. But why not dumb luck it gives meaning to the stock market 🙂 … All the best!
    Thankyou. I shall have to wait to see who the judges are of course. But I do look forward to engaging in the debate on why the poem that wins was selected.

  4. *lovely*
    Thankyou, Meleah.

  5. Your writing has become my daily drink after work. It’s better than alcohol. Gets me drunk, no hangover.
    Cool. Your writing has become my daily window into the life of a real poet and superstar, Bryan.

  6. absolutely delightful, but I am afraid that when it comes to prizes… You know why Berger will never win the man booker again?
    No I don’t Annamari. Is he as recalcitrant as I?

  7. Good poetry!Great images, about the toupee and about the 3 legged dog, liked them

    (Paul, I like your style, I just discovered your short post at medicated lady and think you are educated and correct, but you fight for what you think is true)The only issue is that maybe they both like the game, if this is the case, there is nothing to be done there.
    Thankyou, Mariana. I think they both enjoy the game too. It’s just a bit of fun.

  8. I don’t think he should buy a new toupee (ugh ugh ugh) but a new hat, haha. I would like to see him laugh out loud but that might be scarey?
    The whole world would wobble,

  9. Can’t beat a title like that, Paul.
    Haha, maybe I’ll win a prize for best title, Simonne?

  10. Kind of (recalcitrant as you are), He donated half of the prize to the Black Panthers or something like that…
    Ahh, I see. Well I would be keeping all of mine except for the bit I spent on beer.

  11. I very much enjoy that you’re keeping Mister Ponderous alive and apparently well.
    Oh yes, Mr Ponderous will always be a favourite, as is his mad dog.

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