Art and The Concept of Risk.

May 8, 2009 at 7:08 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 22 Comments
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Wanna play like the old Orchid Room days,
blow through a crazy bent homonym.
Play like a baby with a wild rattle
snake like a drunken saxamophone
play like too many actors on a stage
coach addiction to risk

(t’was not self-mutilation that severed
Van Gogh’s ear but Gaugin with a sword
then offed he did to paradise,
an island embrace scented frangipani)

Let us abandon self
righteous self for
ladieees and gennlemen Jaaa-
aames Brown! four time after
all these here fools are fools
enough for any lost and wastrelled
pirate ship.


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  1. you know what is interesting about this piece (for me) is that there are numerous significant symbols in this that are relevant to my life so key words jump out and grab me, sparking vivid memories.

    i really do need to get back to nibbling on van gogh’s ear again.
    ‘sparking vivid memories’ that’s nice. Thanks, Lakota. Van Gogh’s ear must be a bit tattered by now.

  2. You need a saxophone to accompany this.
    That’s a great idea, Mr Drodbar. I will try to get one in the podcast.

  3. you are on a serious run, my friend. the last few poems have hit it out of the park, and this last one is nearing the mastery of that (title forgotten) one featuring the “alltime favourite tickling”. all three sections thematically sound, playful, pointed, melancholic. good great greatest.
    Thanks Jason. Your rock ‘n roll poems are supercool, too. Everybody informing each other, mysterious collaboration, everything proceeding according to the plan with no plan,

  4. I wanna play too. Has Mamu got the limo ready?
    Your limo is waiting, Ma’am.

  5. play it again Sam
    I think I will, Noah.

  6. i’m so glad i got more time to enjoy the saxamaphone 🙂
    I’m so glad you did too, Annamarie. You deserve some time off.

  7. I think drodbar is right, this must be a song, you even mention mr brown, you need maceo parker trumpet
    Oh Maceo Parker would be perfect. I’ll see what I can do. Maybe a whole brass section?

  8. this is ‘wild rattle’ and ‘drunken saxamophone’, wow, it plays the ‘old days’, a sweet refrain, van gogh’s ear detached *hears without a head (gaugin smiling a lot in tahiti, and the lush tropical is what i envisioned, the scent of frangipani, very fun) and james brown written that way (thunderous applause following) and then it has ‘four time after’ or foretime after or four times after, so it kind of turns time, but the way it turns is open to individually unique ways. with each eyescan of the page, not to mention the actual act of reading it an equal opportunity for all senses
    Perfect, thankyou Tipota, you have a fantastic ear.

  9. on a crazy bent stage
    in an abandoned self
    with a blow through a saxaphone
    I wanna play / like
    paradise / play
    like / a baby
    like / a wild rattle snake addiction
    I want Van Gogh’s ear
    with an island scent
    on James Browns pirate ship
    Cool mod remix with a backbeat, Maxine, thanks. Reminds me of the old sampling days which is perfect ‘cos James Brown was the first guy to get widely sampled. Hmm, my brain is ticking now,

  10. Van Gogh & Gaugin had quite the pact, eh? For some reason my sidebar isn’t updating. Didn’t know you had something new.

    This is brilliant, Paul. Just brilliant.
    Thankyou, Tina. You are brilliant.

  11. Confound it all anyway, Paul!
    Taking a liberty from the wastrels, I see.
    Astonishing, it is to me, too. Are you a Trekkie?
    Where no man, nor pirate has ever gone before.
    You do it a lot. Ah-hayeee! Uncle Tree
    Haha, no I am not a Trekkie but I like Bill Shatner in Boston Legal a lot, I empathise fully with the wordsalad and the mad cow.

  12. freedom risk and art… sounds soulful
    Soul! Ladies and gennlemen the godfather of soul, Jaaaaaa….

  13. You are an amazing poet. You compose poems the way musicians compose songs — each word in your poems has its own pitch and resonance like individual notes comprising a piece of music, and you have incredible finesse with dynamics, too.
    Wow! What a wonderful comment, thankyou Thomma Lyn. I have been championing the cause of musicality in contemporary poetry for a long time now. A truely special comment, thanks.

  14. You take more creative risks than anyone I know. You are an inspiration.
    And this is the inspiracy, yo ho ho, Ms Squirrel.

  15. ladieees and gennlemen Paaaaaaaaauuuul Squires!

    *applause applause wild applause *
    Thankyou thankyou, it’s been a real delight,

  16. encore… i doubt there is a specie of self righteous self risk, well said 🙂
    Me too, thankyou Ms Mist.

  17. Oh yes!
    You’ve christened another pirate ship
    Aragag, hoist the mainsail and batten the hatches, Wayne. We’re underway.

  18. Imagine your mate slicing your ear off with a sword? And they said Van Gogh was mad.
    Marvellous piece!
    Thankyou, Selma.

  19. This is a bit of the topic but nevertheless you might find it interesting, check this (about van gogh and artificial inteligence)

    Click to access TRvdrMaaten.pdf

    That is cool, Mariana.

  20. Git down wit yo baaad cellf. Sounds like your in the mood for a little fried black swan.
    Hmm, deep fried and crispy.

  21. Highlights for me: ‘coach addiction to risk’ (don’t ask me why), and the James Brown entrance (naturally).

    I too was intrigued to read about the case of Gaugin, Van Gogh and the ear… I like it when accepted/assumed histories are challenged.
    “stage coach…” maybe. Gotta a little overlapping line pivot on the homonym thingy going there, Stu. It is an amazing story, Gaugin and Van Gogh’s ear, there is a deep resonance in there about the nature of art, risk and so on.

  22. This is red hot Paul. May the next homonym I blow through remain bent!
    Haha, thanks Graham.

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