Wanted to write a poem

May 1, 2009 at 6:58 pm | Posted in antihaiku, contemporary poetry, poetry, writing | 21 Comments
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called infinite eye queue but suddenly forgot
that language is linear but time is not.
heard the grumble of Bill Burroughs not
telling anyone anything they don’t already
and Baudelaire as I remember
yes but you can make them realise
make real
the difference between the insides
and the out of this most bizarre contraption
does not occur at the limits of this transaction
the old dog looks up
but underneath i’magination,



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  1. Reality/ies is/are never completely proportional. Part of the magic is given by the imperfection and part by the impossibility to reach it/them.
    I agree. I have fiddled the ending and some line breaks and made one word a plural which wasn’t before. My pedantry knows no end. Thanks Mariana.

  2. the ‘make real’ standing alone is a very powerful moment. That old dog, hmmmm.

  3. in everything you write you tell me something i don’t know.
    Haha, that is very clever, Vesper. Bill Burroughs must be wrong.

  4. this will require repeated readings. i shall return when i am not so impressed with myself that “hey, i know those guys that squires mentioned!” but, just to begin, narnie’s mention of the isolation of “make real” as an automatic definition is indeed powerful…more later (bryter layter?)
    I have finished fiddling with it now, Jason. Your poetry is fantastic, I am enjoying both those ongoing series a lot.

  5. almost wonder if you are trying to create a form here? Did you notice your end rhymes? Form can be fun to play with 🙂

    Love the opening line.
    Thanks, Jessie. Form is fun, rhyme is cool, part of the non-linearity of poetry.

  6. suspension of disbelief? i would say do it and define it afterwards, infinity may happen only by accident…
    Perhaps, you are too cool, Ms Mist.

  7. looking up from under imagination. glad someone wanted to write a poem. : )
    Yes, soon I will start nagging you for another gorgeous Alaskan experience in verse, Mrs Ott.

  8. we all need to hear the grumble of bill burroughs every now and again… millions of images, that’s what i need.
    I wasn’t counting, Graham but we must have got up close to a million at speed poets. It was cool and thanks for putting ‘the lesser greyling’ in the magazine. Pride of place on the coffee table, it has.

  9. That small change creates a huge visual impact, Paul. Brilliant. I want to tattoo this poem on my right forearm.
    You have triggered a thought as usual, Brad. Being in a journal is one thing, being in a tattoo, that would be something else.

  10. Ooh, clever, clever Paul. Lovely, esp. the i’magination.
    Thankyou, Harmonie.

  11. I have nothing educated to say… but I just love this one for so many reasons and no reason at all… thanks for sharing!
    You’re welcome Psychobillygirl. You rock!

  12. Love the word play and the rhyming in this — it’s fun, clever, your imagery packs a wallop. I love the old dog trying to learn a new trick. I have an image of him lying underneath a glass table through which he can see images of objects above him but thinks himself unable to reach them.
    What an amazing metaphysical image, that’s very cool, Thomma Lyn, thanks.

  13. Love the last two lines. You’re amazing.
    So are you,

  14. Had to come back & read this one again.. 🙂
    I am the same with your poems, Tina. I have read that last gorgeous one many times already.

  15. like the Tao, your words are often larger than the largest thing and smaller than the smallest…

    Li Po sometimes comes to mind,
    as does that other underrated poet/philosopher,
    Theodor Seuss Geisel…

    as usual, smart as a whip…
    Thanks, Chico. That is a stunningly flattering comment especially the comparison to Dr Seuss.

  16. as you keep reminding me, time is not linear 🙂
    Keep reminding myself, Aefiel. Hello,

  17. Yes.

  18. For some reason this put me in mind of a quote from the movie I Heart Huckabees:”There is no remainder in a mathematics of infinite.” Time is not linear, it is a fractal spiral.
    Is Baudelaire Tigger or Winnie the Pooh?
    BTW- in response to Michael Gibson’s quote: I hold that so-called poetry is not Free Verse.
    Haha, touche. Michael Gibson is a candidate for Oxford Professor of Poetry and I hope he wins, though he stand no chance. I like that quote from Huckabees a lot, Paul.

  19. Paul Peterson: That is one of my faviourite movies ever. About baudelaire, he certainly was not tigger, cause he was brave and tigger is not (he is just not afraid of most dangerer), and I do not think whinnie the pooh, he is not comfortable and calm with who he is and how things are. I would say piglet, cause he fights even though he is afraid.
    Bye guys
    That sounds perfectly sensible, Mariana, hello,

  20. u speak as if creativity has a will… tho i do like the ol dog…

  21. Thats an all ’round amazingly written blog..

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