overcoming performance anxiety (3)

April 30, 2009 at 6:25 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 11 Comments
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, like they were born into it, those flashes of light and the whirring of lenses, that walk.
The deed done he will return of course to his original skulking, a comfortable resource beneath the cloak that Takeshi had given him now the tribal facial tattoos which had appeared over night were well hidden beneath Bootsy’s sunnies twitch had upset the American tourists. The beard had become irritating. And he had no recourse but to revert to the razor.


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  1. The ship is sturdy and well manned. On to the next destination, I say. I’ve got some new lenses I would like to try out, but first some refreshments.
    Refreshments, an excellent idea. And now is a good time to make a quick getaway with the jewels, Brad.

  2. i suggest coffee and music, not that i have performed but im anxious anyway 😀
    Don’t be anxious, Ms Mist, everything is under control and proceeding according to the plan with no plan.

  3. ‘ah,’ he said squinting through his allergies, ‘yet another splendid folktale revolving around those unique and indigenous tribal members that people your furtile mind…’
    Ahha, furtile, furtive. You conjure them, Chico and I slice them.

  4. A close shave is an acceptance perhaps. Rather a beard than a hat? Ha! I think so…
    I originally called this one “A Close Shave with Fame” Narnie, haha,

  5. Paul!! “murder poems”?????

    “The beard had become irritating. And he had no recourse but to revert to the razor.”

    Holy crap. Very cool. This makes me smile my evil smile.
    Too many tourists makes a coastal town lose its cool, Bryan. A little cull was required. Murder poems, time to extend the range.

  6. It’s one thing to take a razor to the audience, Paul. I think I might sympathise with such behaviour in certain circumstances. Running off with their jewels, on the other hand, is clearly unforgivable.
    The piper must be paid, Brad.

  7. Interesting peek into your poetic mind, I especially like how you start out with a comma.
    Did you see that hidden Takeshi Kitano twitch in there, Harmonie? I might rearrange the vodpod so interested parties can see him in action.

  8. Filled with incredible imagery — “flashes of light and whirring of lenses that walk” describes to spot-on those who seem so comfortable in the spotlight.

    Beards can be like a disguise — so yes, perhaps they are comforting before they become irritating. 😉
    become irritating and have to be sliced, Thomma Lyn.

  9. Overcame already?

  10. above question was from me:)
    Yes, as soon as the clickety clack of the keys commences, it is overcome, Hayat.

  11. nice one 🙂 most people would hide behind the beard, kewl that the speaker is going to go the other way!
    Cool, thankyou, Jessie.

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