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But with tophat on, I was over at Geof Huth’s place the other day and on his sideboard discrete were honourareiums in a vase displayed with such an eye for detail and genuine respect. And Sumedh with perhaps the greatest self-portrait of all time,
a never-ending garden of delight
a place where vision is not sight,


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  1. “a place where vision is not sight”… lovely. So much said in so few words.
    Thankyou, Thomma Lyn

  2. Ah, Thankyouu! But really, (not trying to pull off some fake modesty act), there are some out-of-this-world self portraits that I’ve seen which this one doesn’t come close to (though I admit I very much like it myself, 🙂 )
    Haha, I should use more modifiers, Sumedh, like the best self-portrait photo I have seen. It’s fantastic.

  3. I like it here, I am going to come back often.
    Cool, thankyou. Hope to see round.

  4. Really liked Sumedh’s photo! The dot, well, um, its certainly novel. There’s very many inferences in it, all contextual …

    This new look for your site is cramping up on my monitor 😦
    Cramping up your monitor? Oh no, what does that mean? I really like this look and was planning to leave it like this for a long time but now I shall have to think again. Does anyone else have this problem?

  5. A very nice clean look to the blog and very wise words too.
    Thanks, Narnie. That’s one vote for and one against the new look. Hmm,

  6. I really liked these two images together. Geof Huth’s shortest poem ever seemed like the ultimate ending, a contraction into the smallest conceptual space possible which was balanced by Sumedh’s archtypal image of creativity.

  7. Art inspires art, definitely.
    It does, radiates,

  8. I want to give you a recorder and a microphone and capture every utterance that leaps forth(was going to say belches forth but that does not carry the meaning I wish to convey)… the elegance of your mastery of the English language is beyond compare, Paul, and I mean that sincerely.

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