On The Radio Again.

April 12, 2009 at 3:27 pm | Posted in contemporary poetry, links, memoirs, podcast | 12 Comments
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I was on the radio in the USA again. In the past I have shared air time with Gertrude Stein and Ezra Pound. This time I was as happy as any poet could possibly be, featured on the same bill as Dylan Thomas.

I am reading Argentine Tango. Rattles of insects. night sky prayer. poetic voice, (well i ain’t got one).

Listen to the whole show here courtesy of the best resource for contemporary poetry on the web,




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  1. hats off! rich applausing! tossing roses!

  2. woohoo!

  3. wonderful!

  4. Oh, joy! Lovely! and was that Narnie reading a piece by you? wordsalad is pretty awesome, and so are you.
    Yes it was the incomparable Narnie.

  5. Wordsalad is amazing, he know about so many things. I learned from him interesting stuff, even though I discovered him quite recently. Thanks to you gingatao.


  6. Awesome Paul, congrats again :)!

  7. Congratumalations Paul. I’m on the road minus sound. Looking forward to getting my ears back on and having a listen. In the meantime, let’s get this revolution swinging.

  8. ooh dylan thomas, by far my favorite famous poet. there are too many unfamous favorites. congratulations paul, hooray hooray!

  9. Podcasts are my favourite things. Quite right that yours are given such an airing. Congrats, you.

  10. Thanks everybody. I am so busy at the moment what with one thing and another and the space in between them that I am way behind. I will try to get back to answering all comments and so forth this week. Yes Brad, let the party/revolution commence,

  11. having no sound my world is silent… it is good to be heard in a circle of poets… now gertrude and ezra good company to keep… shall we one day say we knew him in his humble beginnings… circling sounds…

  12. Hurray! And Congrats.

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