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April 10, 2009 at 5:09 pm | Posted in contemporary poetry, links, memoirs, poetry | 17 Comments
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Hit And Run Magazine is one the coolest concepts in magazines I’ve seen for a long time. I am proud as a penguin to be featured in it.

Notes for a Poem by Paul Squires in “Hit And Run Magazine.”

You can read the piece of prose this became here. Nancy Bird Walton AO OBE (1915-2009).

(Hit And Run are currently asking for submissions, why wouldn’t you?)



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  1. I have a couple of lines stuck to a pinboard that I like too much to throw away… maybe I should submit that? I like seeing your jottings. It’s interesting how we all whirl around the page while the thought forms and we hunt for the right words.

  2. now that is a cool concept! Nice to see your handwriting!

  3. Cool! I’ll have a go!

  4. Such a good idea. I love the process of writing. Good on you!

  5. Hey neat, congrats Paul :)!! Ok I want to try too!!

  6. I read the piece and the notes… consider yourself under the microscope now 🙂 !!… sorry i just cant help it 😦

  7. now that is something wonderful bravo to the magazine and to you dear sir, what a cool thing!

  8. i would pay (not so) good amurrican dollars for a book full of that stuff. its great.

  9. Jason. I’ll raise you.

  10. Very cool idea. 🙂

  11. Well done Paul!

    That is a fine publication – raw materials *are* fascinating especially yours.
    HAPPY EASTER and such. Happy in general. Here’s an egg, in tribute to Dali, perhaps. How’s things?

    Unspeakably Cool. Peace.

    I’m here. I haven’t been. May I apologise for being a ghost? Glad to be speaking to you again in celebratory times…


  12. loved it!(the concept)
    I am soo happy for you -you are starting to get heard out there.

  13. Congrats, Paul. I love that site! You deserve to be proud about this… and in a particularly penguin-ish way.

  14. I’m so happy for you, Paul. This is just the beginning.

  15. Thanks everybody. I really enjoyed these two guest appearances, they were fun. I might do more of it in the future.

  16. Further congrats to you. Though the epithet, hmm, perhaps you might have been volunteered as the “ever-youthful, nay ageless, wise and debonnair, Aussie sage” — or something of similar effect.

    You’ve got to talk to your PR people!

  17. Yo Paul, thanks for the suggestion. I gave it a go, and guess what…

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