Walt Whitman, genius,

April 7, 2009 at 6:20 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 6 Comments
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(2 mins 02secs)

Another brilliant poetryanimations production. How I would love to get a job with these guys.


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  1. Brilliant, absolutely! Thank you for finding this and sharing it with us.

  2. How about that! I like it. Thanks, Paul.

  3. It is genius indeed. The voice is a little scarey but that is as it should be. Could they not do a video of you? That would be most wonderful…

  4. woowoo! Grampa Walt!! great video, paul. Thanks

  5. I just can’t picture Walt sounding that way…the voice characterization was all wrong for me. But really, I’m more of an Emerson and Thoreau type fellow myself. I like the idea of transcendentalism and seeing the cosmos in a grain of sand; a droplet of dew. My soul might be a flake of snow yet to fall on some vast and windswept mountain, spirited along by the rushing wing of an albino hawk as he dives for his rabbit breakfast.

  6. F.G., you should do a reading of this poem. You have a fantastic voice for reading and wouldn’t this poem be part of the grand tradition which you have inherited and carried forth so well<

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