Thursday Night Podcast (Listen)

March 12, 2009 at 7:04 pm | Posted in australian poetry, podcast, poetry, writing | 5 Comments

I have podcasted a new version of Listen. (The words are up above)

If anyone has an objection to me announcing the podcasts in the blog, let me know.

Anyway it is here and it is about 4 minutes long. It’s just an archive. There’s no obligation on anyone to listen to it.



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  1. This was the third piece of yours I read, I think, all that time ago. It is absolutely beautiful – the page that it is on in your book is one that I have read many times for it’s amazing calming effect. P rfect.

  2. Sometimes I wake up on a grey, foggy day and I think a terrible thought: that poetry is dead, or if not dead, then no longer relevant. And then I read your work, and I know it’s not true. Poetry is alive and doing splendidly. Thank you.

  3. please do tell us!! how else will we know!

    plus the piece is so phenomenal you should remind us of it more often.

  4. Going to listen right now….

  5. […] poetry on his site  (one of my favorites, Prayer and another Listen which you can read here and Listen which you can hear here ) or mine (search for Paul Squires) and to join a celebration, a birthday party if you will, held on […]

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