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submission, a bow,
i wanna serve in the
fabulous Ms Squirrel’s
secret army of llamas

she has armed me
with spaghetti, sauce,


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  1. Hmmmm, sauce is good. Love the podcast – full of smiles.

  2. “i wanna serve in the
    fabulous Ms Squirrel’s
    secret army of llamas”

    Yea… you and Monty Python. Might get a bit crowded, don’t you think? If you do, make sure you stay away from the Chilean guanacos… they’re known to kiss and tell.

  3. Erm,..

    Very Freudian…

    Maybe Ms Squirrel doesn’t mean what it does here down under, but the army of llamas makes me think it does..

  4. paul, i got no idea what yer on about this time, but i like the way the words all sound together. sometimes, not always, but sometimes that’s all you need.
    Sorry, I guess you need to know Ms Squirrel’s wonderful piece “Secret Service Agents Of Art” for this to make any sense. Really it’s just a link to the podcast in quick poem form.

  5. Ah, Sir G., You are already there. Just visit the next installment “Tongue in Cheek” and Find Yourself. (I think the llamas may be grazing).

  6. It suddenly occurred to me, (not unlike an answer of a koan, )
    that I might have long forsaken the Internet if it weren’t for you,
    (as you know, I have already become ,much less frequent, but haven’t yet disappeared)…

  7. I think I would start playing around with words again soon; may be
    speaking of spaghetti and sauce, I just made pasta for dinner! One of my specialities

  8. And now I’ve gotten extremely curious, what DOES an army of llamas mean down under there, aside what I thought it meant up over here, or at least what I thought I thought it meant up over here, though you never know what you really mean and from and Freudian sense down under there is really the subconscious mind of up over here and vice versa, don’t you think?

  9. Love it- and your new header.

  10. Spaghetti sauce and duck sound like delightful armaments! 🙂

  11. Me too. The llamas are assembling…

  12. Man. Sometimes you’re too wonderful for me.

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