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the beauty of music is its honesty, you can’t fake it and it provides a certain cover,
here insert some fauna, a lyre bird or two,


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  1. David Attenborough meets a Superb Lyre Bird.

  2. How very strangely synchronicitous.
    He’s a lyre bird cos of his taile, shaped like a lyre, Brad, not because of his habits.

  3. You may find this web page of some interest then:,25197,24202230-5013575,00.html

    and this:

    Messiaen, the lyrebird represented a source of “pure” music, undefiled by the modern world.

    The thing is, I’m not sure the lyrebird is the best example of ‘honesty’ since in many ways it’s not true to itself, it is a mimic, albeit an excellent one.
    Cool link, Jim, thanks. Messiaen centenary concert in Sydney this year. I love those strange confluence of forces.

  4. I like how you categorise this under ‘Antihaiku’.
    Haiku are blooming all around at the moment, Selma. A little contrast was in order.

  5. simply precise with words and expansive of images,
    just beautiful-off to the vid now, thanks
    I know you will like that bird, Tipota, master of voices.

  6. It’s naked as poetry :-).
    Whoops. I best stop this naked blogging, Cocoyea, I knew I’ld get caught.

  7. Your use of the Weringerong to illustrate your topic line is striking and effective… spot on! Nice…
    Thanks, Bob.

  8. Music is certainly one of the most amazing of human discoveries.

    It is what it is, our entire being is geared to it.
    Yes, there are some who claim that since everything is waves, everything is music.

  9. So very elegant.
    Ma’am, (tip hat)

  10. Thanks everybody. I like the way linebreaks work in this one, almost bird song, toooooooowittwo, but if added more it would become a glyph.

    the beauty of music
    is its honesty
    you can’t fake it
    and it provides a certain cover,
    here insert some fauna,
    a lyre bird or two,

  11. Yes.

  12. Hmmm. I made a long comment somewhere in nonlinear time-space here recently, I saw it, really, and then it disappeared. Hmm. Into the high seas perhaps???
    Ahh was that one over at the podcast site, Ms Squirrel? If it had a link in it, it gets held for moderation like Jim’s did but I can’t see yours anywhere. How frustrating, were you telling me to get my finger out and write some real poetry?

  13. What the hell are they all talking about? Was I supposed to follow that link? lmao

    There once was a man made of lava
    He lusted for Lady Godiva
    She shunned him because
    As hot as he was
    She feared he would burn up inside her.

    Oh, by the way, cool video….freaky bird.

  14. If you don’t like my limerick…. I’m sorry. lol…..ur ol pal.
    F.G.! Any bourbon left? Your collaboration with Mimi is gorgeous.

  15. Indeed, Paul. The Lyrebird is oft misinterpreted, its name included. There’s an interesting bit of discussion I stumbled on here a few days ago.

    Can we really be sure that the Superb Lyrebird is mimicking what we think it is? I’m willing to entertain the notion that the mimicker/mimicked relationship is more complex than the listener’s ‘constructs’ make it out to be.

    Isn’t it interesting that a synchronicity perceived by one person can turn out to be a rather singular experience? Maybe I shouldn’t feel so guilty about spending more time alone with my music after all. Thanks.
    I don’t think you should feel guilty about anything, Brad. I feel guilty about not checking my moderated comments more often though, sorry.

  16. Cool bananas. Can I just say that I am going to be posting everyday for a while and scandalously commenting very little. Sorry, there are reasons but the reasons are boring.

  17. I’m a wordpress blogger….whoopee! Here’s my page
    come visit…nothing there yet, just one piece

  18. oh indeed!

  19. “rhapsody breathing” at its absolute best~
    loved the opening line,

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