February 12, 2009 at 6:15 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 21 Comments
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many things arch smiles eyebrows
backs arrows angels
entranceways through which
we glide unaware
the sparkling sky


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  1. the words soar, clearly like condors through the arch over deep canyons and mountains

  2. Ah, you have started us on a journey of free associations.

  3. How beautiful Paul.

    As regards to a cool God. You know it……for today at least.

    Love Renee

  4. I’m really enjoying these… They are like little keys that opens the door to another world. Lovely Paul.

  5. a salient, symmetrical, and pure little ditty…

    simply put, effing fantabulous!

  6. lovely

  7. And this little poem is itself in the shape of an arch, with no punctuation interrupting its graceful form.

  8. brilliant poetry! writer’s cafe just crashed again and erased all our work there…ho hum…i am so annoyed, why do i bother with the posers? well, Mimi was there, after today, who knows?

  9. The sparkling sky, yum. These are lovely, you know it.

  10. you forgot the bridge, but that was beautiful on its own. i missed this, and you 🙂

  11. Beautiful.

  12. as a sea breeze on one’s face…

  13. I give you thirty seconds of my time and you fill my head with such images.

    In such a short amount of time, in a mere moment, I see faces from my past zooming through me, lovers, their backs arching in pleasure, I see our mutual smiles, I see us at our mutual ends, mutually gliding… entering under the archway of peace.

  14. this is a beautiful confection, sweet

  15. would you believe if I said that I had the word “arch” wandering in my mind before entering your website and reading this…I guess miracles surprise me less lately…

  16. oh those eyes (it made me think at somebody’s eyes).

  17. I love the sense of patterned, fractal, embedded-ness that I get from this.

  18. beautiful and understated… the sparkling sky is yours.

  19. Wow! Now this one I completely adore — Brilliant!!

  20. lovely…I especially like the last two lines

  21. There is a kind of celestial joy about this. It made me smile!

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