The Agent.

February 5, 2009 at 6:56 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 14 Comments
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“various assorted ratbaggery,” he mumbles

his lips moving between smile and snarl,

woof up the curve of his spine it threw the back of his head

like some shaman troll’s horns slam fire spells.

“woof,” is this one for shearing? Or eating or just looking cute?

what did Carl say again? about the fictional insane

as some form of security stored in your jeans.



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  1. I’m rather stunned by the power and clarity of your writing this year, Paul. The mystery and puzzling remains but something is changing. I know others have noticed it too, but I’m starting to think that maybe it is me that is changing as well.

    This one is for moving through and shaping spaces. Why? I’m not sure the why really matters any more. Something to do with the how?
    Someone once said that process is more important than product, Brad. And some old fogey replied that art is merely artefact. I’m not sure I agree any more though. Thanks for noticing the changes.

  2. ‘like some shaman troll’s horns slam fire spells

    i like the irony in that idea, were we to have to seek a shaman troll would we attempt the efforts of healing or spiritual enlightenment? 🙂
    Or we would kill it and see what we could get for its corpse?

  3. hmm, what an agent, i’d fire him too, with so many
    reasons, first that he barks. it has a sense of humor too, along with its magical design and precision setting of polished stones, thankyou

  4. love the ending:

    “what did Carl say again? about the fictional insane
    as some form of security stored in your jeans.”

    I agree with Tipota this piece has a great sense of humor.
    Haha, Cocoyea. I heard you howling the other day.

  5. Hi, Paul… it’s been awhile, but I’ve finally got a laptop that allows me to get back online once in a while, so I hope yo be able to pop in a little more often. I have no idea as to the definition of ‘ratbaggery’, but it is but one delicious word in one of your outrageously over-the-top rants… I love it. Woof!
    Bob! Fantastic to see you out and about again, big feller. Wanna hug?

  6. I like the double exposure/super-imposedness(!) on smile and snarl. You’re schmokin this week with your poetry. It’s very alive and lively… Perfect in fact.
    Schmokin’ Haha, where’s Bootsy?

  7. ‘is this one for shearing? Or eating or just looking cute?’ as you asked about the lambs at Gorgie Farm just recently – they’re a breed made for shearing, but sometimes are used for meat and when sheep or pigs disappear from the farm i’ve learnt not to ask where they’ve gone…
    Oh yes, Crafty Green Poet. I’m never sure what the appropriate attribution is when I take parts of my comments and put them into pieces but yes, that line is a twisting of the line from woofing at your cute lambs. Sorry about the missing ones,

  8. I’m tickled every time I stop by.

    Anything starting with “various assorted ratbaggery” is a plus in my book.

    packed tight, yr language is

  9. Highly interesting, evocative images. I’m not to sure what you mean by ratbaggery either, but I sure can feel it. Great word.

  10. For, “ratbaggery” read Bon Scott. Hello, tickling often requires the packed tight I am wanting to say.
    Eman is easier to type, hello. How is your back? Are you up and walking and swimming again? I know you are going to start up your writing again soon. Or perhaps you are hiding it from us?

  11. We all need raison’d’etre, above all else?

  12. Hello, ((hello)) 🙂

    Back is good, all is well. I’m back in Arizona too (yay). Not hiding anything haha, haven’t been writing like before unfortunately but getting back into the groove of things, doing a lot of reading though, trying to expand my mind, etc.

  13. The thing about user names is that once you sign up for one, you’re stuck with it. harmonie22 seemed like such a good idea 2 years ago. You know both my first names, feel free to use either/or anytime.

  14. My ‘inner Agent’ says the same thing about everything I write. It gets old.

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