Post Avante-guard Poetics.

January 23, 2009 at 7:20 pm | Posted in blogging, sheer selfindulgence | 18 Comments

Well that was an interesting exercise, Squires, curling up into a tight little ball, pretending to be small. Heh, it’s Friday night, where’s Bootsy? We need some walking bass, acoustic Bootsy what a concept where each note is a cat-like footfall in a street-lit night and the piano player has been drinking jumping and twitchin’ like Monk’s right hand. The drummer is cool, of course, unflappable but flapping she feels like she’s flying.

Today I thought I might make a new website. The University of Woodridge (Qld). I appoint myself Emeritus Professor of the Hieronymous Poetical. You may apply for your positions by creating a title in the box below. Each day we will post a serious article on contemporary poetics. Mine will be titled, “On post avante-guard poetics, towards a new theory of textual analysis and it’s relation to excessive verbiosity for its own sake, you wankers.” (insert link, no no, hold me back, Brad)

You see, it’s a long weekend here this weekend. Monday is Australia Day and it is time to reassert the most fundamental and important thing about being an Australian. Absolute minimal tolerance for bullshit. And jumpin’ je-ho-so-phat there is an awful lot of it about.

So, since Bootsy has up and left us due to an horrendous lack of herbiage, I shall toast you, my friends, those few faithful who see through my vain attempts at writerliness to the grinning fool beneath. Have a schimply schpectacular weekend and….segue into vodpod!


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  1. i just cant think of a position title! happy australia day (early) dear blog friend. i raise my glass to you!

  2. isn’t it all sheer indulgence?

    we all need some walking bass

    the boy and i liked the Cat Empire video–i have heard them on kcrw–let us know when you get bootsy doing an acoustic show for you doing some walking bass and we’ll be there

    those are my titles

  3. on the suspension of sin and taxes, and its obliterating effects on languagery and what this means to tiny sparks of nothingness in the vastness of outerspace as contrasted with the hand holding a marking instrument for the sake of verbiosity and nounishmentation of adjectives.
    prerequisite: Verbiosity 101

  4. Can I be ‘Escher Professor or Chaos and Disorder’?

  5. Resident She-Wolf on Foot and Obelisk

  6. “Absolute minimal tolerance for bullshit.”

    haha, and the most fundamental and important thing about being *English* is an absolute maximum tolerance for said bullshit, and the obsession for spinning it. haha. 🙂 yes thats something I think I’ve always admired Australians for, though I didn’t necessarily know it, and bullshit-intolerance is a skill I don’t personally have in abundance so it’s cool to hear that.

    oh and,

    “Friend of Zoo-illogical Wonders, wooden marionette of a hare, pseudo-psychedellic seahorse on red striped train-carriage, to be seen holding croissant at all times. ”

    That’ll do.

  7. I’m an excellent bullshitter. It keeps me from getting into trouble. Happy Australia Day! Yay! Does that mean a double-bill of Neighbours? Mmmmm…. Toadfish. Yum.

  8. Queen will do *grin*

  9. surprise me, paul!

  10. Bingo :)! There were some people of the excessive verbiosity catalogue urging me to read more classics to “improve my thinking” THWBTHWBTH, I say 😦

  11. Happy friggin’ Australia Day darlin’ 🙂

  12. Cheers, Paul and all.

  13. Haha! Happy Australia Day!

  14. Oh, Paul, my mind could never come up with a title and position fitting alongside those born from your brain and tongue. I need something with multiple syllables and seldom-used words. Maybe my title could rhyme?

    On another note, I received The Puzzle Box and am enjoying it a great deal. Your style and voice are so unique and masterful.

  15. Haha cool. We shall be the faculty in charge of losing our faculties.
    “It’s inappropriate that I should present like a retired matador with unpaid rent,” Cat Empire. Hahappy Australia Day. Beer o’clock, woohoo, please excuse typos in comment boxes,

  16. What a hoot!
    Can I be Doc Grok? I’ve always wanted to be Doc Grok!

  17. Grand Illustrious Potentate of Pooh. In my realm the honey filled bears shall feast on pages of poohetry. Happy Australia Day! A drink to the Aussies!

  18. OK, you can be professor emeritus if I can be the Janitor. I shall toast our new grand titles with a shot of grog! (long weekend here as well due to viral pharyngitis AKA “the croup”)

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