Entrance (with fish)

January 7, 2009 at 6:31 pm | Posted in genre isn't dead yet but it should be, poetry, writing | 24 Comments
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What difference between dead and bored
demands the giant fish of Miss January
flopping madly across the dance floor
towards the punchbowl,
cannot seem to want to make sentences
which gently reveal what you already know
but in a different context like some yes, hello.
Where’s The Piano!
want to burst into the room in bright
red boxers and green bowtie
announcing the (Panic!) end
of all the known with Mr
Fantastical painted in gold
on my half shaven chest and waving a
giant alive goldfish which swears
like a drunken veteran and demands


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  1. Went looking for poetry and was so refreshed to find your brilliant madness. Impish! Love it!
    Cool, thankyou. Come back soon.

  2. oh lovely; indeed, there’s no difference at all except that in the level of abstraction perhaps. The Dead are bored of boredom too?
    I imagine they are, Sumedh.

  3. Ha! ha ha ha ha ha thanks paul wonderful great fun!

  4. ps. ‘hieroglyphs’ at the top header picture – beautiful
    Thankyou, Tipota. The hieroglyphs are Sumerian, the first writing, I think.

  5. Well, Paul, you’ve managed to do several things of late… describe perfectly my current outfit (above, though the red boxers fit a bit too snug, I’m afraid) and become the third in the strange relationship I have with one MedicatedLady of medicatedlady.wordpress.com, a friendship forged in our teenagerdom, surviving now near 15 years, built on making fun of the rest of the world and laughing at odd and most often inappropriate times. It takes a strong, extremely witty individual to stand in the cloud of our quirkiness, but you, sir, are welcome there any day and we would be happy to write a blurb on the back cover of any of your future publications.

    The giant fish of Miss January is a brilliant image.

    The half-shaven chest happens to me too often. You see, I attempt to groom and then shave off too much, and then I find I have stripes. But really, I look good in stripes.

    I’ll assume, without you knowing any of this, that I was the inspiration for this lovely piece.
    Absolutely, Bryan. And your friendship with the Lady is an inspiration too.

  6. What difference between dead and bored…What an incredible opening line. You have a gift for stream-of-consciousness writing…reminds me of high school English when I would read literature, understand the complex writing on my somewhat simple level, and know I was in the presence of greatness.
    Oh stream-of consciousness, it always worries me when my writing is described that way. Thankyou,

  7. That IS an entrance..

    Full of life, life for it’s own sake.

    You know, I’m starting to get a good feel for 2009 over the last week which I didn’t have on NY’s day itself. Your verses seem to be working with that building feeling.
    Me too, Crushed. It’s going to be a wild year.

  8. crazy surrealism, a great read. Great title too
    Thankyou, Juliet.

  9. wow this is some wild ride and what a great opener!

    no more punch for me, paul, i had enough last night, thank you and lost my media badge too–maybe ms january has it
    Lost it where?

  10. I love thesense of humour in this (oh!the grand finale!)
    Thanks, Ana.

  11. I am glad I found your interesting blog through Alphainventions.com

    I have written a short article that explains a lot about how it works and you will probably find it helpful.

    Here is the link: http://notallpoppies.wordpress.com/

  12. Sunset – a skein of geese
    unravel into the lake.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist 🙂
    Never mind, at least it wasn’t a haiku.

  13. So Sport, hows it goin?
    Very well, thankyou.

  14. You are so cheeky. Mr. Fantastical should be head of programming at the ABC!!
    Haha, that would liven the old Aunty up.

  15. Hot summer perfume
    Warms and dulls our senses
    Seeds pods crushed for love

  16. Oh and Enigma makes her re-entrance – how wonderful! I love January and feel just like this poem about it. Slap the slackers and grab the year by the balls. YAY! Off we go…

    (Oh yes, sorry, brilliant funny colourful explosion of a poem, which is wonderful. More maestro, if you please.)
    Thanks, Narnie. Your book is wonderful and so is your podcast/movie-making.

  17. Beautiful, loved it :)!

  18. … thrz something about flames and half burnt chests…
    There is, Ms Pie.

  19. oh yeah and virgins have a resistance to chest stubble. wax dont shave ha ha

  20. I was completely drawn in!
    Brilliant.. well written

  21. Didn’t mean stream-of-consciousness as a four-letter word (or the equivalent). It’s your own unique blend of voice and pacing, and I very much like it.
    Oh no, it’s just a word-bias of mine, not important. Thankyou for your kind words.

  22. aw, paul, yer so fucking good, man, a tone like this is so hard to strike and still make emotional connections but you just do it. this is super-fun, and i love the three little internal rhymes (know, hello, Piano!) in a row. “what difference between dead and bored” is right up there with “as i stepped out upon the landing my heart was already down the stairs” on the “great first lines” list. i’ll say it again, super-fun.
    Thanks, Jason. First lines are the most important, and then last. Hooks and landings.

  23. Hysterically witty. Good fun all around.
    Yayayay, thankyou.

  24. The Virgin fisH surrounded by the deaD and the boreD is in PaniC!

    aND yOu are AweSOme!
    tHankyOu! sO aRe yOu!

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