Faith and Faithful.

December 16, 2008 at 6:48 pm | Posted in writing | 13 Comments
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A lot of my writing has to do with language herself, words and how best to make them work in harmony because I believe, since language evolves naturally certain truths get hidden within her and sometimes they evolve outward like pearls, they become true through a self-fulfilling momentum of her hips.

Faith for instance means belief without evidence. Faithful means unswerving loyalty. At first one wonders why faithful is not simply full of faith. Or a delicate swirl of silver in the dark sky, reversed perhaps. That loyalty is simply belief without evidence.



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  1. Every night I light a candle for faithfulness and place it in the lantern in the garden. Every night the southerly breeze creeps up from the bay and snuffs it out. Faith is as fragile as a flame in the wind.

  2. faith may be fragile, while loyalty is rocksolid (or vice versa according to practice, mirrors and reflections.

    a piece of clear glass then in zen. a windshield allows light and clarity and protects against torrential elements. if you turn on the wipers you can drive through rain with relative ease. love is driving the car, faith is like weather, loyalty the windshield wipers, the heat, the ac, the doorlocks, the ashtray, the gears

  3. I think every one creates there own truth out of there own faith.

    Nice Post!

  4. This one actually makes me want to make love

  5. I think the word loyal is related to the word law.

    Loyalty means essentially, following codes of honour, it’s a more logical virtue than faith.

  6. you’ve not only been sounding detached lately, you’re actually sounding a little sad. why’s that?

  7. […]  This train of thought was inspired by: Faith and Faithful […]

  8. yes

  9. I find this piece very enlightening…

  10. And then we have our personal experiences of faith and that’s the most important one because that’s the one that affects our interpretation of anything anyone else writes about faith.

  11. Moreso in regard to your writing rather than faith, although the two concepts, one could argue, may be somewhat intertwined, it is clear that you have an exceptional grasp of words, of language, of sounds and syllables. Yes, the “harmony” you do create makes me want to indulge myself in your work, to cover myself with your words, to eat more of them than I should as if they were some delightful form of candy that is both good for the brain and for the soul.

    Back to faith – it’s clear you have faith in the written word. That’s what keeps you writing and keeps me reading.

  12. Beautiful.

  13. ah, there you are… all is well.. the world is safe.. time is short in a 24 hour day take care paul… over n out

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