taking it seriously…

December 15, 2008 at 6:21 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 3 Comments
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taking it seriously, hmm, doesn’t necessarily mean not having any fun, Oscar, no need for the quip not quote nor lurking behind some clever practiced turn of phrase. I’m sure there’s a drunken haiku in there somewhere, let me count thy silly bubbles and an obvious line
break. He say’s, slightly slurring. You upperclass twits makes me wanna, well I’ll tell you a story.
Every artist’s voice is an artificial construct. You see that word, ‘art’ificial. You wanna live in some prosaic explanation why listen to birdsong all day. It’s a job of work and it’s a long voyage he said, putting his arm around me, stinking of salt fish and absynthe, all you have to do is play, keep her there in the room.

I looked down at the piano and all I could think to play was Stormy Weather,

Life is too important to be taken seriously.
Oscar Wilde



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  1. Alright, it was just too spooky, so quiet around here. I have turned the comments back on. If you have a link to me please update it. (Although all the old links will still work.) The new address is simply http://gingatao.com/ Thanks, hopefully all feeds will still work. If not I’ll figure out what’s needed. Thanks for your patience. I need a holiday. On with the show…

  2. let’s get this party going! welcome, welcome! absinthe for all! at least for a few days and then who knows

    i don’t think it’s a mockingbird i hear do you?

  3. Oh if you lose the RSS feed you should be able to just resubscribe from here and it will pick it up again. I hope. This time I’m really hoping to keep the comments section on topic and a little disciplined. See if we can behave like professionals in light blue tuxedos and shiny instruments.

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