Some feller,

December 5, 2008 at 6:35 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 10 Comments
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William or some such in a seen
somewhere pretending to some
reality or merely waving from the
Dali-Crowley deck
she said, sun in head, don’t look
for land, yer’ll smell it first
and fluttered from his shoulder
in a scatter of red feathers
you’ll be transported Paladin
not for stealing bread
oh no but for chopping off his
head. They know they know
your awful crime, revenge
recurs, is never dead.
Now catch that breeze stand on that
deck and
blow we will stash this jewellery
somewhere down below.


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  1. Oh incidentally. I was on the radio again. This time on the same bill as Ezra Pound. Thanks, P A Baker at Wordsalad, the best resource for contemporary poetry on the web.

  2. That is quite a punchy piece, Paul.
    Oh alright, Brad. I’ll take out the second ‘and’ at the end and then the rhythm will accord more with popular taste. I wanted one more accent before the beat but I can’t figure it out. Punchy as in punch drunk? This one I like, for many reasons. Oh by the way, did you know, the smell of land is actually a true fact. The old mariners could smell it over the horizon, before the age of steam, when it was just sails and wind.

  3. Paul , thanks for the link and for the over-the-top words of praise, which I should actually have printed on a business card or something.
    You’re welcome. We specialise in over the top-the-top words of praise around here. And excessive self-seriousness. Haha,

  4. This poem is a nice Daliesque. (Is there such a category of poetry?)

    Though really the most I know of Dali is from the dream sequence in Hitchcock’s Spellbound. And Paladin brings to mind Richard Boone’s ‘knight without armor’.

  5. hilarious adventure choosing the lighter side of swords and demons, eh… dali is perfect, crowley scary… anything with a seabreez…

  6. wonderful just had to wonder about stashing jewellery when you can wear it
    right out in the sun too
    ha ha lotsa fun again and drippingwithpearls rich

  7. the letter ‘w’, eh? I like the way she flutters from his shoulder… your poems always have that ability to make someone look twice and place the image away from the expected. Wonderful.

  8. I just like it, the flow, and the idea of stashing treasures.

  9. morbid and playful…

  10. I really enjoyed reading this out loud. And I love the title, “Some Fellar”. It feels good saying it. You have a great sense of humor. Checking out the radio show. Congrats!

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