Seconds Out,

December 3, 2008 at 6:44 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 15 Comments
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What a life that was
lived in the key of F.

Sliding into town, Jimmy Sharman,
bit dodgy round the hips, a strange
limp closely followed by three quick
shouldered free spirits lured and kept
under wraps on a vague
promise of travel.

Fifty bucks to go three rounds
in a ring in a bar with thirty men
but five women. Why not,
I’ll do it
in search of a vague end



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  1. Jimmy Sharman was a legendary Australian true person who had a troupe of travelling boxers, mostly young aboriginal men who could really fight. They’ld set up a tent near the pub and it cost ya five bucks for fifty if you could go three rounds. Trust me, Jimmy made plenty of money and spent plenty.

  2. That’s a great poem! Reads like a dream and is clear all the way through.

    What a specimen you have brought us!

  3. He slides in smooth for the hard hits that follow. I like the ones that reflect a moment in history. Lovely.

  4. What a wonderful subtly woven metaphor of boxing for life.

  5. Just stopping by to say “hello”. Enjoyed the poems. Thanks, Autumn

  6. this is a kick…love the end


  7. hm, my entire life has been in search of vague…

    good flow here and there could be no other ending…

    solid and crystalline… like a gem…

  8. It definitely has a wild west feel to it.

    The Australian frontier seems to be less sung than the American frontier, though it seems to have had very similar dynamics.

    One wonders if that will chaqnge.

  9. “Sliding into town” has a great feel to it.

    How perfect – that “ding!” I even loved it in the second before I “got” the pun. Sometimes I am a bit slow.

    Clever. Fun.

    Thanks again, Paul!

  10. I love the “voice” in this poem. Great work.

  11. The last stanza is amazing and the end does ding!
    I like the poem , but I love the end

  12. yeah, yeah…what they all sed… especially the ding… is that like the dundun in law and order… or the ping in prayer… it’s like an avocado sandwich w/o the bread or a drop of light w/o the reflection… or, or… seriously, it’s hard to imagine aborigines fighting seems so foreign to their makeup…but when one haz2eats, one haz2eat…it’s not all bugs and buttons out in the outback..right

  13. Think no more Paul… send this out. A great piece to celebrate one of our true legends.

  14. The Minister for the Arts would like to point out that he once performed in a rock band which did a song condemning Jimmy Sharman for exploiting the fighters. And he was right. So what shall we do with the legend of Jimmy Sharman, forget all about it? Or make sure we remember it?
    Here are some famous indigenous Australians who actually worked in the tent –
    # George Bracken, Aboriginal lawyer[8]
    # Geoff Clark, former ATSIC chairperson[8]
    # Douglas Nicholls, later Pastor with the Churches of Christ in Australia and then Governor of South Australia[8]
    # Max Stuart, convicted murderer and Arrente elder[11]

  15. I agree with Graham. No delay!

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