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November 25, 2008 at 6:23 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 14 Comments
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Reasserting the primacy of rhythm like
some monkey in a tree, not so much a screamin’
jay hawkins way but more a Sumedhian garden
complete with statuary
Keith Jarrett style.

not some strange code created
to prove he is smarter than i
don’t write poems about poetry they say
to witch he replies every poem
is about poetry, just as bees define
flowers by colour in a dance,
some synethesiastic metaphor an
image conjured with more than words,
which resonates,
it’s not hard, he says putting his glass
down on the piano and leaning into me smelling of
vanilla and cigar smoke and hissing, here she comes,



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  1. cool! Love the line, ‘every poem is about poetry.’

  2. ‘it’s not hard’ when you feel it. So many feel it without realising and that is when it sings. The bees in this are a sweet buzz in the middle although, as always, it is perfect.

  3. A very clever piece, this. I enjoyed the first reading – and then going back to find more in it.
    And I’m with Sweet Talking Guy re the line:
    every poem is about poetry

  4. i just read a blog post by some poor college english major girl who hates literary analysis but has figured out if she just writes how every poem she has to write a paper about is about how the poem is really a comment on poetry, she gets high marks…

    i like the emphasis–how poem ends one line then is about poetry on the next

  5. Beautiful. Every poem is about poetry like bees define flowers with a color dance and the ubiquitous glass on the piano, from abstract to concrete, and then here she comes, play. Beautiful. I know you will always play.

  6. Primacy, good use.
    Esp with monkey in the next line. Creates an interesting double meaning.

    Andf the bees defining the flowers by the colour in the dance, that’s quite an interesting image. Trying to picture it.

    The whole piece conveys motion as a process.

  7. “…every poem
    is about poetry, just as bees define
    flowers by colour in a dance,
    some synethesiastic metaphor an
    image conjured with more than words,
    which resonates,…”

    wonderful. I also loved the title 🙂

  8. exceptionally beautiful and easy to flow with while it spins around unexpected turns kind of like the roads that whirl around the edges of mountains and go up to the peak, you look around this new vista place and catch your breath and then the descent is a different thing than it was before, everything new fresh invigorating, many thanks

  9. It is my guilty pleasure to write poems about poetry – to use words like metaphor and diction and simile and sestina and couplet within a piece, to bring them to life and give the poetic tools themselves even more power – and then admit to giving them power. To ignore them is like a chef ignoring the food. Once in a while, you have to acknowledge your ingredients.

    Your line “every poem is about poetry” is clearly a hit, but “vanilla and cigar smoke and hissing” takes me there.

  10. Reasserting the primacy of rhythm.. the best!!!… hissssss….

  11. i love how the “bees define flowers by colour in a dance” …
    and he is definitely smart , such a strong statement ” every poem is about poetry” (like each written word is about writing)
    – but keep playing please she’s around the corner…

  12. such a nice reflection of the dancing colors in your mind…beautiful!

  13. Poems about poems are just fine by me. Bukowski was a fan of them as well.

    And it’s funny, how we make art for ourselves, but it’s very much important that our art makes an impression on others, like as in the last line, “here she comes, play,” or in the dance of the bees as they define colors.

    A very deep piece of art.

  14. I love the bit about the bees…

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