Blogging as Art

November 16, 2008 at 11:00 am | Posted in blogging, links, writing | 7 Comments
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Someoldfart once said that all art is performance art, a clip and a trim, flip, over-easy punctuation with that please, what’s for breakfast,


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  1. over-easy, i like mine that way too.

  2. i’m ready for dessert

  3. I guess we’re all performing seals in a way, yes 🙂

  4. “Someoldfart”. You really have a gift for the construction of such fascinating words, just the right ingredients creased together and a noun comes into existence!

    Everything can be art. I am suckler for coffee, and I rarely find a cup about which I never have a modification suggestion. Coffee is Art. But I seldom have that during breakfast.

    Ah well, who am I to even talk about breakfast? I sleep at 6AM and get up at Noon. I haven’t known breakfast for quite some time now…

  5. Breakfast: Coffee and a cigarette, maybe an apple.

  6. My mind went to a totally different scenario, haha. Over punctuation indeed.
    Cool, thanks everybody. What did you think of Peter’s new site?

  7. haha thanks, I like it when my bumbling misadventures around the internet become art. this was unexpected. haha. cool. your presence is appreciated as always.

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