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What a beautiful phrase. Tempo. But what I wanted to say was that at some point everyone reaches a dilemma. I only have so much time. Should I read what is being written now or should I read the classics? For me this takes the form of whether I should go and read T. S. Eliot or go and read Ebby. Now, a lot of people will immediately assume that T. S. (to his mates) is a better poet than Ebby because he is so famous and Ebby is a blogger. A moments thought should reveal that to be entirely illogical. Fame is no guarantee to worth, especially these days.

So we are still left fifty fifty. And here is the clincher for me. Why I read contemporary poetry. It’s because Ebby lives in the same world as I and there are far too many implications to that thought to spell them all out in my boring, plodding prose. Except maybe this one, ginga, passion, life, poetry in motion,


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  1. I would read Ebby in the day time and TS at night, perhaps. No matter what her subject, Ebby’s poetry is so dancey and gorgeous that it would be too much to try and close your eyes and not have sparkles pinging all around. Oh, Ebby, coffee, soon. Nice one Paul, very nice, very true.
    ‘dancey and gorgeous’ is exactly right, so full of sound and emotion and sheer joy in the language and life,

  2. Thank you for the much needed and beautiful break..:)
    You’re welcome. Nanapomomo must be very tiring.

  3. oh!

  4. Fame is no guarantee to worth, especially if you happen to have seen how politics in India works. In some countries, real leaders shout “Yes, We Can!”, and in some others, candidates in obnoxious dresses go around the town sitting on buffaloes and donkeys and wearing pukey garlands while throwing free rice to those who will vote for them.
    And amidst such fame I wonder whether to puke or to run away; because those who have worth cannot become famous here, and those who are famous are not even aware of the existence of such a word as “hope”.

    Ebby is a truly wonderful poet, indeed. Every piece of hers is a rare emerald.
    Change is always a possibility, Sumedh.

  5. oops almost got lost in ebby-land!

    yes such is the dilemna for us all–the red or the blue pill? which is the reality we want to hang out in?

    and here is the clincher for me: ebby and you paul and narnie and sumedh and annamari and the hare and all and all are here clickably connectable. and it’s a quick click dance to another uni-verse and another until i am full

    and easy to follow links (esp when the author offers them) to understand more deeply. often these days i read with the laptop so i can learn more as i read, adding my own hypertext in a way to the old school text

    i just made coffee–anybody want some?
    Yes please, and just a dash of Johnnie Red in mine, thanks,

  6. I’ll take some
    and some extra energy and time please (anyone willing to spare some of those)…

    well, I can only hope for enough time for Ebby and T.S Elliot and …
    Time, it’s a complicated issue, there never seems to be any spare,

  7. Uncle I have never had so many readers. 53 in one day. Thank you so much. xxx
    53! Holey mackeral. You’re welcome, Ebby, you deserve a lot more.

  8. this is beautiful. but, i wouldnt mind your spelling things all out in your enerjettic prose or any other way
    Thanks, Tipota. The truth is I’m just lazy and it was a good excuse. Haha,

  9. I say what Faulkner once said, “read everything you can get your curious hands upon!” This is why I have stacks of unfinished books surrounding my bed.
    I’m always behind in my reading, Randall. Bookwise I’ve never got past 1975.

  10. “A classic is a book that everyone wants to have read but nobody wants to read.”

    Renown can damage writing.
    Hi, Ben. That is a cool quote. See my earlier piece on William Burroughs. It’s quite popular to say fame and money can harm someone’s writing. I tend to think that being paid enough to do it so you could it fulltime and not have to worry about bills and mess around with all the social networking bullshit to get read and so on would be good for mine.

  11. you and ah…absurdistry should collaborate on a book or blog. Just my two cents. A vision.
    Argagaga, a critic! Everybody run… Haha, just kidding. Randall and I and few other friends have been collaborating here at the Orchid Room for quite a while now, if you’re interested.

  12. i dont even think it would be boring at all Pauls. it would be fascinating prose and this is a fascinating post.
    Thankyou, Mrs Ott, as I say, I’m just to lazy really.

  13. Hear hear!! We can only understand a few things about a world we were not in?
    Yes indeed, Mental Mist. Best to focus on this one, I think.

  14. I would go for both. I’m a glutton, and my soul needs food, food, more food.
    Cool. What did you think of Ebby’s poetry?

  15. Lovely piece of work and I agree with you, some contemp poets could give the old ones a real run for their money.

  16. I like the classics, they have remained readable for a reason, but I have to say, I enjoy contemporary writers more. I just like the way things evolve.

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