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stooped but not stupid, sir,
there seems to be some problem with
bumping into each other below decks
in narrow hallways during stormy weather

A tall thin elegant gentleman with a cane
and the vague scent of vanilla and I
my love, in pursuit of your objective,

and now it has come into my
engraved upon my coarse skin
a mapped device for unlocking some
strange sin within.

Everything is under control,

Good he says turning back into the room,
now where is she,



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  1. Original!

  2. Clever imagery (love the tall thin man with the cane, he smells gorgeous) and the tone of this, almost business like but with an air of expectation. More an olden days expedition than the pirates we know so well. Elegant, oh yes.

  3. This conjures to mind gentlemen in bright white suits walking elegantly on cruise ships.

    But does he have a map tatooed on his back?

  4. Ahh … love the scent of vanilla mixed with elegant imagery …

  5. It’s always your ones that have whiff of the sea that do it for me.

  6. That mapped device has really got my imagination going, Paul. A fabulous piece of imaginery.

  7. Yes the mapped device got me too, specailly with the accompaniment of vanilla…

  8. some strange sin within…

    what marvelous rhythmic words and with all their soft sounds mimic

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