ACDC Tattoo

November 3, 2008 at 6:35 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 9 Comments
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Sound, you can’t get much more anonomatterpayic than that
word, sound. Now let me count some syllabubbles
then rhyme right here with a hat
pluperfect, again,
play a little honkytonk
in white suits and black bowlers
on some drunken hippy, Squires,
he’ld whisper just for fun to see what
happens to me when the deed is done,
drunken flying down some highway in a half
borrowed half stolen vehicle with ACDC,
I’m back,
maybe i had a mullet,


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  1. and some Kubrick with the white suits and bowlers. It really captures a mood of abandon and rebelliousness (apart from the mullet thing, poor old Kevin Keegan). Sound is a beautiful word – so understated and modest.

  2. Syllabubbles and pluperfect … reminds me of blufingles and cymblwaffles.

    Dr. Suess loved ACDC too, did he not? And perhaps, just perhaps … he also had a mullet?

  3. i had a mullet

  4. Oh this was delightful, though I’ve never had a mullet…

    Those were some lovely new little wordsounds!

  5. no mullet–you’re really fred astaire

    can i be ginger rogers?

  6. You really don’t strike me as a mullet kind of guy…

    Anonomatterpayic… I like that. Old sounding word, new spelling, new concept…

  7. Wonderful bouncy poem. And still stunning that comma at the end… ;>D
    Thank you.

  8. I had a mullet! for a long time! and I don’t regret it one bit. 🙂

  9. your puzzle box is crafted beautifully paul squires.

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