we create ourselves

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will always be a fundamental point of difference between two sides. One wonders if there is any point even in them discussing it. It should be pointed out however that I am intrigued perpetually by sentences which turn in the middle for some reason. (the question is one of motive force, why, we should make a technical point here.)
Perhaps it is our future selves which create our wierd destinies, lead us into the future through fantasies of dance and dreams and half forgotten memories. If time is not linear one does not need to be able to predict the future nor plan for the most outrageous of outcomes. It is a scarey thought, that is what Alan Watts did not predict.
The two sides manifest sometimes in debates about how many divisions have occurred to this point and what caused the sudden frightening drops in temperature which he had taken to calling sub drop. It was some strange in-joke shared only by F. and some memory he had of himself standing at a rock face with nothing other than ochre and the fire behind him with the laughter of children, placing his hand on the cold and lifeless stone and leaving a mark by which he could be followed.


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  1. “This is tomorrow calling, what have I to lose?” Bryan Ferry.

  2. Out of the battle betweeb the thesis and the antithesis comes the synthesis which in turn creates its own antithesis and thus the dialectic continues….

  3. thought provoking. going with Crushed comment, and i apologize for the cliche, it’s like the meeting ground for where two parallel lines meet. love the quote.

  4. i need some way to shelf my favorites of yours. this is definetly one. capitalize, italicize…amazing!

  5. wee wee quee yate owsephs, he said just 2 hrs after born into this whirled,”a genius” the doctor cried “a proddidgereedoo” the midwife clapped, he ‘mmbloop’ spat a strobe light photo of a bulbous milkdrop rimshot into a silvery spittoon, inspired ticklish writing gingatao and so true it takes me back to the beginning again ha ha time as a mobius trip

  6. Would his be the only mark to remain? Or would each that follows add their mark to his until a collage of community (conformity?) built up obscuring the individual. That is what worries me but is unavoidable. The future self? Hmmm…We cannot change what happens but we can mould it as we wish with the how and when we react to it. That is all maybe. I don’t know. I prefer not to know, perhaps, or not.

  7. On an unrelated (and yet totally related) note,
    I also think we create ourselves. The human will is an amazing thing, as is the power of our intent. An old Mexican civilization called themselves the Toltecs, which means ‘artist.’ They felt that each soul had the power of intent, being that intent preceded will. The more impeccable our intent, the sharper our will, and in in turn what we desired/willed is more prone to manifest itself.

    But I’m wittering. Hope you’re well!

  8. Fundamental point of difference: fascinating synchronicity.
    Alan Watts: Spouse played his tapes over and over when we first met thirty years ago, memorized I think
    The last four lines are so vivid in their contrast:fire behind him, laughter of children, lifeless stone.

  9. i knew you were a bryan ferry fan! my favorite word-wise will always be “mother of pearl”, but nothing beats the pithy “too much cheesecake too soon”.

  10. the last paragraph brought to mind the idea of a philosopher king exiting the cave and leaving something behind for those trapped.

    isn’t the present always a conversation between yesterday and tomorrow?

  11. now that is interesting about the consequences of time not being linear, I’ll need to ponder on that….

  12. children laugh when I stand naked too
    he shouldn’t feel bad
    to say we create ourselves gives the process far more purpose than I believe it has

  13. This post reminds me of something my grandmother used to say about the grand old oak tree drawing itself up into being from the lowly acorn. The oak tree is all there (in a nutshell) … it’s just got to crack itself open and let itself breathe …

  14. Time has always presented the most puzzles… we create ourselves… indeed… then so we create time… I like the lucidity of this post… a trick of time, or the mind? Nice site

  15. This one has very much stayed with me. I like this voice and the concept of non-linear time, something I haven’t thought about for awhile, crept into my current post. I love when you play with concepts.

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