no peace without justice,

October 27, 2008 at 6:33 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 16 Comments
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once found ideas like
no peace without justice
resurrection from the ocean as it were
sending children shrieking into the outstretched
arms of outraged mothers, haha,
dripping ill gotten gains from some nether world
i am come i am come
i return

there is no force mightier than mine
the force unseen which draws forward
and urges on from behind,

he says, lurching as Mamu reaches
out and hey ho he’s floating again
blinded by Shanghai’s
and rick-a-shays



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  1. ssshhhh, (sound of the sea dissolving into the sand at the very end of the wave), i reckon only Ebby will notice the two ‘sh”s directly above each other deminuato, that is a happy accident yayaya,

  2. …the ocean, dream theory, another kind of sensuality veiled by bawdy words, another kind of dizziness veiled by drunken braggin’, and rick the sheriff, and the riff, and the ocean again…(subject and object and no verb)

  3. No peace without justice…

    Maybe that is what the West is finally realising about the Middle East..

  4. meanwhile, maekitso plays spin the beetle. freedom – justice – freedom – justice – ?

  5. But then, perhaps, everything is just and just peaceful in another dimension missed by our observation

  6. Its a very powerful one! it make me wonder what should come first peace or justice.

  7. hey mamu. hey paul.

    even with justice there might not be peace, i think

  8. very powerful!

  9. but who decides that justice? Isn’t that the problem? Isn’t that why there will never be peace?… I mean cos of the ‘r’ word. Oh, it make me shudder just thinking about it.
    He’s come out of the sea, eh? Mmmm, what a strong voice he has.

  10. a fresh new poem of a noble pirate, changed within, returning to face the music at Innesfail, only to be unexpectedly and graciously forgiven by Mamu who see the inside of you.
    Whew! That was a tough one, Paul.

  11. …for some weird reason all I can think of is the war scene at the end of the white countess …but this is not supposed to be a love poem

  12. lurching and floating, very sssizzly gingatao way cool i mean hot gracious writing

  13. we come from the sea and we shall return to the sea,
    let’s here it for H P Lovecraft,

  14. No peace without justice … no peace without war … which came first, war or the right to speak out against such? I suppose we’ll always have to fight for justice which means no peace for the weary …

  15. ooo delicious shanghaiShays

  16. this is haunting ever time i return to it…often

    i love the ocean sh hs sh sounds there at the end and
    dripping ill gotten gains from some nether world
    i am come i am come
    i return

    power like neptune you have

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