“Fastest Left Hand In The West” Clint Eastwood.

October 18, 2008 at 8:37 pm | Posted in music, poetry, writing | 11 Comments
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popart popout, haha, in the meantime
naked hairy man returns grinning
Oh No not Caliban again she sighs,
doesn’t want her curv’d lines written for her
not in my tongue
no how, ho ho, no way,

art as mere artefact of spont
ayneeus combustion
Ladies and Gentleman in the left corner
Hemingway sweating and sunburnt
bruting up the hill home again
having found some release in dizziness

and the other an elegant creature
the bull survived by a certain skill
of headtbuttingsleeping learned in the taverns
of Marseille , F. said slapping my back
held the left hand together so as to make
the Chico tattoo plopping the green felt hat in his
pocket and sitting down at the piano,

(take five…



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  1. Oh, that second stanza was too amazing!

    By the bye, I must confess that I was almost blushing by the end of your last post’s comments trail; such nice words flatter me, though I don’t know if I deserve them…
    Very elegant, my friend, one point on which we might differ is whether false humility is still false, you have trekked in the literal Himalayas and you are fantastic artist,

  2. yes I would love to go dancing tonight! would that be the balboa? the beat is quite quick

    wow, his fingers are soooo fluid, his left hand pours like water over the keys–would you pass me the champagne please?

    oh–the poem! love these 2 lines:
    “doesn’t want her curv’d lines written for her
    not in my tongue”
    Ohh, my aching head, Gwendolyn. I am getting too old for my lifestyle, it is becoming embarrassing. I think I shall retreat to my cave,

  3. Please do not retreat to your cave Paul…

    [but if you do…please continue to grace us with those little tidbits of precious, poetic paper…].

  4. Hello, i miss you all.
    me too,

  5. (Oh how I love that version of “take five” by Dave Brubeck & John Coltrane together…)

    “…having found some release in dizziness…” such a brilliant way of expressing a certain feeling!

    probably she fastened her hands around his arm while saying: no way, go away Canibal! Either she is masochist or Canibal is not the Canibal (or I am talkin nonsense:)

  6. burst of ayneeus combustion ha ha that is great
    and the whole thing moves like in a dancing swirl-the video fits so fantastically great too, wonderful
    sly and brilliant

  7. I also like ‘popup popart’ – the sound of it made me think at a pop-up book of pop art (warhol, maybe)

  8. Very slick and the video is perfect.

  9. What a gift, your poem and those images! I can’t believe it..!
    I particularly adore Clint and Ray, that music, those “take 5” souls. And serendipity again, for the last video’s word.
    Be blessed Paul.

  10. misssssery doth indeed love company

  11. whizzing by andy warhol… he would fit perfectly among the pirates and the bull.. clint make my day who woulda thought he could drop the gun and replace it with jazz….. that fingers could sing so sweet…

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