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Oh I hear you go and rant again,
the soldier stands by a burning bridge,
at his back the ocean spray,
there’s not one of you alive in here whose
been here more than just one year
who has not hated all you’ve seen
the foulest rank hypocrisy

men who use their tongues so svelte
but have never swung a sword
mothers in the bible belt
calling real witches whores

I call your secrets ten times ten
and raise them now by two
because you’ll be dead
before the time this tale
is done and through.



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  1. Editor’s note – In Australian the word ‘spray’ can be used as in ‘I gave him a spray’ or got right up him verbally the idiot as in bloggoland is sometimes called a ‘rant’.

  2. Who called witches whores? Let me at ’em… oh I know who it probably was.

    You know, Paul, you get a lot of stick from people who don’t ‘get’ what you are trying to do here. I’ve known you an awful long time (awful being the operative word 😉 ) and there is one thing that cannot be denied:

    a) your writing is unique, clever and exciting
    b) your emphasis on quality is no accident. It is the result of a genuine wish to provide satisfaction to your audience.
    c)you consistently puts yourself out to encourage and bolster confidence in others.

    Anyone who wants to knock that, either because of their own damaged ego or because of jealousy perhaps, just needs to do one thing… find something else, if they can.
    Truth as weapon, truth as shield. You are magnificently wonderful, thankyou.

  3. Intense!!! First time here..will b bk.
    Cool, welcome. Akshaya is a wonderful name.

  4. Wow! I’ll just ditto Mary’s comment.

    Am going off for a trek in the Himalayas. If I come back alive I’ll savour your writing again! Heh; 🙂
    Woohoo, trekking the Himalayas. Can I come next time, Sumedh? Cool. See you when you get back.

  5. I like! I like! I feel like going on a rant of my own now … no, wait … I have nobody to rant against! Oh well …. give me 59 seconds … I’m sure somebody will come along.
    Yaya, rants are fun, go Fitch!

  6. This…THIS..is outstanding!!!! THIS is one of your best writes. I’d love to hear you read this one. If the planets are aligned to have you writing like this, then I call on them to stay as is.
    You are outstanding, Tina, thankyou.

  7. I will double ditto Mary. I love this.

    Have known a few soldiers, boy do they have a lot to rant about these days…
    They do. I double ditto you too. How careful I was to spell ditto with ‘t’s.

  8. very powerful– like an incantation, esp the last stanza

    thrilled to see your featured artist this week is “choose determinism” !! her work blew my conceptual mind
    I like that site too, conceptual art is perfect for the internet, it makes layers apon layers of ideas and realities. And Choose Determinism is one of the most interesting I’ve found, other than your broadsides and body paintings and videos, Gwendolyn.

  9. Brilliant and heart felt! I rather liked the sound of my own voice as I read this out loud, and I reckon that’s one of the marks of a great writer.
    I agree, Brad. It’s one of the reasons I worry about the podcasts, I think it’s important that people can hear the poems in their own voices, there is some kind of fusion of the poet and the reader, a point of contact.

  10. i certainly hope i will

  11. like the visual of yr new site… has there been an antagonist passing thru…resistor to the cause…crossing that invisible line… humanity is hypocrisy..we breathe therefore we are… we cannot help but to say one thing and moments later track another.. but i sure do like the talk… can’t we all get along… somebody said that… i think it was whazhisname… remember when LA went up in flames over some flimsy reality check of police brutality… it is always delightful to see where your thoughts go and how well you portray them.. always always always…hohoho…

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