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October 6, 2008 at 6:35 pm | Posted in writing | 7 Comments
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Where do the fishyfish end
and the flowers begin?
Somewhere beyond

There is this connection in my head between William Blake the famous poet and William Morris the artist who worked in wallpaper for Wilde and Co. Grandiloquent gentry in English mansions.

All things must pass, Sir Ian, they said gently lowering the pinebox. Was a wonderful run in the finest of houses. He lounges and lights another cigarette. Not quite time for a eulogy yet and surveys the shabbiest of rooms, wallpaper torn, gilt paint peeling from around the mirror and intones,

Where do the fishyfish end
and the flowers begin
somewhere beyond

(And here is a big thankyou to the incredible Aletha Kuschan who really should put a link from her WordPress blog to her portfolio website.)



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  1. How satisfying is a wander through a stately home? Longleat is my favourite because the Marquis there is completely potty(and a randy sod) but the mix between traditional furnishings and his abstract (randy) surrealism is breathtaking. The picture link is very very cool too. ‘Grandiloquent’… just makes you want to say it out loud. Lovely flow to this.
    Thankyou, we must visit Longleat in the summer one year. The gardens are magnificent.

  2. least wise beyond MY imagining.
    or ours. I’m thirsty, any beer?

  3. Note to the mad bastard – fish=water=life flowers=flowers on gravesite=death. He is an old man caught between the two. The little poem is like one of those gorgeous William Morris motifs repeated many times to make a wallpaper design and also as simple and neat as a William Blake poem.

  4. terribly lovely with deadpan ease and speaks out in
    reverence of the most basic of true and would be also a great quilt pattern
    Your comments are so wonderful, Tipota, I never know what to say. Thankyou.

  5. I like “fishyfish” …
    whom knows were the fishyfish end and the flowers begin? I had been told the one does not die as easy as one thinks (or might want)…

    but also makes me think at lving, but not being alive (lively) …
    Yes, there is those two dichotomies, Annamari, I like fishyfish too,

  6. oh how i’ve missed the sponginess my mind squishes with from your blog. this is such an intriguing post, i could spend hours just on this one
    Cool, sponginess squishing. I missed you, Mrs Ott.

  7. Woah. I had no idea about this, Paul. How kind. And I am still trying to figure them out, fish and flowers.


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