undulations in solar plexus

October 5, 2008 at 2:36 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 13 Comments
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haha, can’t help myself.
Bad habits. Create oscillations
which echo as undulations
through the solar plexus
twitching whiskers
scenting liquid whispers
like lickeur chocolates in boxes
yohoho, come here, no
mercy this time
my dear,
said Sam Spade again in silhouette and some strange silken apparition
smoking under a streetlight moon dressed
in Aubrey Beardlsey perfume, mamu in limolimbo
you rolled and scratched and mewled most politely
then with great envigouration unencapsulated certain
corsets and discomplexified all meanings in
the most appropriate of contexts.


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  1. Note to my agent. Pull this one and sell it to someone.
    Subtitle, Stealing Kisses Two.

  2. Oh my, oh my! What a boxful of trinkets this is. Wonderful. (I’m resisting a witter about my Great Aunt’s penchant for cherry liquers as that would most likely be inappropriate…*ahem*) I hope everyone reads this aloud as they look at your words – it is a tongue twister indeed.
    An entanglement of tongues,

  3. oh this was gorgeous!
    Thanks Sumedh, my oldest and truest friend.

  4. i agree just gorgeous and special words like chocolates with cremes melt in your mouth

  5. You have certainly tweaked my senses with this one, Paul. Now how will I repress all these bad habits?
    They tell me self-discipline works, Brad, though I’ve never tried it.

  6. this is lots of fun–fun on the tongue in the mind yum! the line breaks too and multiplicities of readings

  7. Funny echoes.
    Thank you.
    You’re welcome.

  8. A liqueur this – the reader has to just bite into it and let the ideas rush out.
    What a lovely comment, thankyou.

  9. Oh this is wonderful. You’ve created such a rich and decadent piece…it almost feels like I’ve overindulged (without the calories).
    You are wonderful. I’m so glad you are back, Tracey.

  10. Oh I loved the way the words teased my mouth on this one!

  11. This is a peep into opulence…words conjured like no other. 🙂
    Thankyou Tomach. And welcome to the wild world of gingaTao!

  12. trinkets, yes mary p. this is fantabulous for its spectrum of color and variety of pictures put into the minds of readers. very delightful
    Thankyou, Mrs Ott. You’re back yayaya. You work too hard.

  13. I agree that your word choice within this piece was marvelous, like sweets on one’s tongue.

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