The Henry Rollins Riff.

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There are only two basic fundamental motivations to action. Love which is a permanent desire, fulfilled only in moments of perfect communion in which there is no individual ego not necessarily for one person but for the world as it is and anger.

It is not some flaw in human nature, anger belongs in humans as it does in tigers and in fires. Fuck me, that is a lot of money to just magic out of nowhere, 700 billion dollars? What did they just ring the mint and say print more money and give it to us and then we’ll give it to the same bastards who ripped you off the first time. And yet, people are homeless, your public education system is a mess, you don’t have universal free health care but you need $700 000 000 000 for the banks and it just appears. (According the U.S. National Debt, that is the amount owed by the General Fund into which your taxes are paid, is already 10 Trillion dollars. And they are saying they just dipped into it and come up with another 700 billion? Who did they borrow it from, cos 10 Trillion in debt sound like empty pockets to me.) Was it just sitting under a rock and they forgot about it til now? Why not save the interest and just pay off the poor bastard’s mortgages?

And you’re a Christian country, of course. Well that explains a lot. Your legends are of revolutionaries, your intellectual tradition is one of dissent and questioning and yet you watch America’s Next Idol and you are voting for actors. You praise the smoothest slickest conartists that ever lived. Actors. These people you trust.

The Charlatan has his place, not always in the deck.

( a big shout out here to the infamous and mythic Paul M. Peterson.)



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  1. Oh, not from nowhere, try the pockets of all the people who were ripped off.
    Don’t get me started.
    as for motivators of motion, I always saw it as a need or want the drives things forward. I need food so I move forward in an effort to obtain said, I want the bigscreen plasma TV that my crappy little 48″ TV tells me that I want so I move forward to obtain the pennicle of my desire (until the next pennicle comes along)…
    But I can see the attraction/repuldion thing too.

  2. Oh this was wonderfully worded indeed, my friend. Sending the message home in a single speck of potent cyanide.
    The absurdity began, in my opinion, since money was made into a commodity; no more something that keeps a mere record of services offered or consumed, but a stinking little thing with pools of bacteria that can be stolen and hidden and produced out of thin air.
    However, I believe that action can be a product of the very love you speak about, or fear on the other hand. And since very few people on earth today realize that non-egoist-individual kind of pure love, most boil down to fear of some sort or another.

  3. It starts quietly, ramps up to a rant, softens with an incredulous chuckle and finishes with a shrug of your shoulders and a wave of your hand.

    And is that an apostrophe tucked in there I see? Oh my goodness, I felt faint from all that punctuationificating! haha. You see, this is what I was talking about… you choose your time, method and place, bringing them altogether to complete the view as and how required. Perfect.

  4. As an American living in exile – in America – all I can say is, yep. Or, in another somewhat lower American vernacular, no shit, dude.

    Well done.

  5. It’s ridiculous and yet there’s people who want four more years of stupidity, corruption, lack of any sort of diplomacy and more and more lies. Yeah that’s what we need, more mediocrity.

  6. those billions came from the bilking i think they were gonna use it to make a new spaceship planet they could escape to so they could splash cologne in weightlessness and not have to smell the stink of burning ‘anger management’ courses and the little plastic namecard health insurance decreed mandatory just for surface texture because it makes things look so daisy pasture but in fact you cant get a drs appointment especially if your life depended on it and the first thing they ask you is if you speak english they are shoveling the youth into readymade suits and people from mexico and russia sweep the streets and say they are glad of it because they are afraid to speak and im not even close to done but have practiced well how to stop

  7. first it is a tragedy, then it becomes a farce… believe it or not, Paul, you’ve just expressed the sentiments of many americans…myself included…the only difference between you and i is i probably would have been quite so kind…


  8. Sad but true. However, there are lots of Americans who are trying to change things…we’re not all dazed and confused. 😉

  9. This is true as far as I can see it would be better to burn the money.

  10. and now the bailout bill (oops rescue bill) has passed and been signed by the guy who acts like he runs the country

    i like how this piece starts with love, with revery and reverence, and how it is philosophical and topical at the same time

    in other news, american poet hayden carruth died. he was 87. it has caused me to bring out his collected shorter poems 1946-1991 which won the natl book critics circle award. which doesn’t matter as much as the exquisiteness of the poems, which i appreciate more now than ever and which resonates now for me with the work i find here

  11. I am no economics major for sure. I won’t even begin to pretend that I know .00001 of what the economists are verbally spewing forth.

    But it seems to me that they’re saying our government needs us to pay out billions and billions of dollars (through our taxes) in order to bail out the banks so that the banks can then continue to do business and loan back to us those billions and billions of dollars that we just paid out to begin with.


    It makes absolutely no sense to me. I think we, the taxpayers, should just keep our money and let the banks continue to screw each other.

  12. just heard on the radio that someone sneaked in an amazing provision in the pork that makes this bill such a squeeker

    the new bill (signed by bush) includes the economic planned favored by a majority of economists and which wasn’t even discussed by the media or anyone else as far as i can tell–

    which suggests that instead of ” taxpayers paying a thousand dollars to buy and haul all the crap out to of the bankers basement” taxpayers would “pay a thousand dollars for all the crap in the basement–and then get ownership not only of the stuff but occupancy of the basement and possibly ownership of the house”

    it is under the discretion of the treasurer which i imagine will be soon beseiged with demands as word gets out. i will write about it on my blog as soon as the radicals start making some moves and i can get some more solid details

    buck up–there’s hope!

  13. “What did they just ring the mint and say print more money and give it to us”
    That’s right! I always thought about that absurdity:
    Why people that make false money are arrested? Why should the money belong only to banks?
    Suddendly the market woud mean nothing… Stupid thing we’re in.

    “Was it just sitting under a rock” lol!! Certainly dear. Or under a mattress. :>)

  14. If this aint the time for a massive peoples revolution- when is? Thanks for giving my shock a voice.

  15. love the Rollins reference.

  16. Infamous? Mythic? Surely you jest.

    I dug your “Henry Rollins Riff”. Big ups to all. BTW- the day they voted on this bailout, the military got a cool trillion to finish off Iraq with.

  17. Sweet.
    You watch the NEWS? I’d rather read your blog than
    superficial news about the
    superficial government ruining the
    superficial economy.
    Here’s the real currency!!

  18. And as a postscript, Paul Peterson has found the best documentary about the giant con job which is money . You can watch it at his blog here. It actually does answer the question of where money comes from, nowhere.

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