horror movie

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right there on your TV, people don’t scare easy these days, they really only believe in the harsh reality of physical pain and have abandoned the old ideals of good and evil and their infestations by various creatures best expressed through naked imagination. Horror is the exercise of power over another human being without their consent. Unless of course they don’t realise it and they are happy.

Horror Movie, remix by Fornikator

Vale Graeme “Shirley” Strachan 1952-2001



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  1. The Boss says get your ego under control, Squires, or she’s not gonna buy you that helicopter you always wanted.

  2. Maybe they only think they’re exercising the power, whereas the other person is the one with the real power but doesn’t let on because everyone is happy. Then it could be a Disney movie instead?
    (whoops, duck for cover)

  3. diggin the duds, dude

  4. truly horribler that exercise guy richard simmons singing the lead

  5. This is why I LOVE YouTube!

  6. love the blue jumpsuit with the giant bell bottoms!

    and you really don’t want a helicopter, after all look what happened to shirl right? (thanks for the links)

  7. Hehe, Peter! I started at Mortality Breeds Urgency and followed the links, got lost in the maze and ended up with, “Horror Movie.” Haha, you are amazing my friend.

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