Zeus On Trial

September 26, 2008 at 6:13 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 23 Comments
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Erotica is nice, artdeco to decorate the house, resplendent decadent why not but comes a time when every creature corporeal just wants to fuck, says the Japanese Pornographer stop dancing, turn around bend over now,
She throws the script on the floor by the bed. I thought you said you were a writer exploring issues of consent, she says and hangs up the phone. Now come here sweet soraya i have a gift for you in whispers,

the sprite delights in twists and turns
provides respite from funerary urns
but in the end there was just one
and now it’s time to have some fun,
lets play a game just you and me
we’ll be pirates lost at sea
then when we’re saved and reach the shore
turn around you’ll be me and i’ll be yours,


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  1. Ha! I like the way she doesn’t immediately consent to his demand but makes him work that incey bit harder. Brilliant contrasts and rhymeplay, play, play.

  2. I love ‘i have a gift for you in whispers’…that is beautiful and sensory

  3. SHWING!

  4. and even then with such a common, similar innate want
    we seldom seek to see why such pleasures only our nights haunt
    or even why the lack of them can our spirit daunt

  5. Ummm… I’m sitting in the public library reading this entry and besides the fact that it was VERY SEXY ; ), I also think I am in great like with the one who writes about it so amazingly!!!

  6. pungent as Seka’s bathwater…awfully fond of this…

  7. magical great writing gingatao way cool energy fieldtrip

  8. ahh yes a gift for you in whispers in sooo lovely (both the getting and the gifting and the reading of course which generates thoughts of the giving and the gifting)

    love the connection between these pirates and the previous–and the unexpected in the line “you be me and i’ll be yours”

    sail on!

  9. I love this:

    we’ll be pirates lost at sea
    then when we’re saved and reach the shore
    turn around you’ll be me and i’ll be yours,

  10. Thanks everybody. Just a note for me here, “provides respite from funerary urns
    but in the end there was just one”
    connects the pirates to the Ode on A Funerary Urn poems where everyone fell in love and noone realised she was dead. Here you’ve done it again, hidden this fact so deep in the work that people don’t see it. Why are you doing this?

  11. Well it has something to do with the original intention which was to connect these two thoughts. That love is the only available redemption and that time is not linear. By making a connecticon that looked like this,
    each moment eternal.
    The problem was in creating a surplus, that is in showing that there is not necessarily perfect balance between the positive and negative forces. Why is it not possible that there can be excess of positive energy and some kind of spiritual evolution on a universal scale. Then you deviated through Nietsche, the idea of the superman as a necessity in the absence of God, not necessarily as a practical reality but as a kind of Jungian archtype to generate hope which is the opposite of death. Which sounds so funky it makes me think of a hand jive

  12. So you’re basically placing codas in some huge poetry opera,

  13. Seven inch circle of black
    Friday On My Mind
    Classic sixties track
    Protagonist needs to unwind.

    I bought it the day of release
    Vanda and Young were the best
    Not as pretty as Dita von Teese
    But of time their song stood the test.

  14. amazing how you can do that and even then tell about it bigway truly exceptional

  15. ~bouncing into the room and throwing my arms open wide~ Where’s my GingaPaul? I needs a hug and a kiss and a dance around the room! oh, how i’ve missed dancing to your words! Squeee! – we’re playing pirates? Can i have the eyepatch, sword and Argggs? ~muwahhh!~

  16. whoa. i haz horns. o.O

  17. Have you tried haibun?

  18. wow, i am impressed. i got some enjoyable deviance emerging from this, i especially the pirates thing and cheers to mrs. mary, she said my thoughts perfectly

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  20. Intrigued by this ‘rhizoming’ of links embedded in the poems idea.
    I enjoy the sonic effects in this.
    Greatly enjoy your comments also.


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