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caught this terrible disease
haha preposterousesesnessnes said the old priest
hands clasped over his jiggling belly
of balancing one with the ‘twother
she said the chains now dangling
round her wrists
and sparkling with emeralds and leading
the eye into the land of the lotus eaters

mamu sat in the limo in the rain
wait she’ld said, he’ld shifted

the guilt was a burden to bear
no hunny
at home in the lair
all you had to do said F.
was keep her here in the room
he clipped the pianoplayer round the back of his head
but i saw it coming this time and held the right hand together
i looked down at the piano and saw i was already playing,



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  1. am releasing the vodpod into random. at 32 mins and counting…
    Hehe Peter! Can you hear me Peter?
    These are wild times, lad.
    Dada….introduction of an absolutely essential random factor in art being at the base of Surrealism…that is a point at which the artist gives up control of the work to some impellent force behind the ego…. Peterererere Helloooo!
    37 mins and counting inserted link to Peter and the Hares random post generator…….boing boing….
    changed my mind, went and got the music i wanted and stuck it on top of the vodpod because Peter’s random post generator has the random bit of delicate Peter subtlety so I had to break out with a little Jerry Lee…and that’s all folks 52 mins.

  2. “behind the ego”? I’m not so sure. I have often thought about the role of ego in art and come to no satisfactory conclusions. Dali embraced his no doubt gargantuan (no idea how to spell it) ego as well as the forces of randomness. As a matter of fact, was just watching footage of Dali on a filmset, annoying the actors by his insistance on calling them his “slaves”. “you can’t call me slave, it’s the 60s!” at which point he throws the hat down from his head and storms off.

    (much like a storm, if it was to turn itself off)

    and there may or may not be such a thing as the unconcious. it’s really only a theory.

    My point being,
    hey paul, how the devil are you?

    I’m still here, despite appearances. I have been busying myself.

    hmmm, the random link ant (the ant who generates random links, you see ants are usually big on order and conformity and common sense, but this one went insane you understand. Terrible mess in the colony. Didn’t carry a single leaf, but a teacup and a portrait of James Dean, I ask you what use is that to ants)


  3. Gorgeous!

  4. love the ‘l’ sounds here…
    #and sparkling with emeralds and leading
    the eye into the land of the lotus eaters#
    Trips around the tongue and sizzles. Good link too! You two make a rather formidable double act (in the English accent not the French this time). Ohhh, roll on tomorrow. I could eat this all day.

  5. if there is no such thing as unconscious, does that mean there is no conscious? Th euniverse demands conservation which dictates an opposing force (of not so much opposing as opposite state)
    I tend to believe that niether exists as all is an illusion yet there existence is an intigral part on the human psyche.
    for what dreams may come
    I want to hear the podcast of this so I can hear you read aloud “preposterousesesnessnes”
    In fact, I want to hear you read it three times fast
    he he

  6. last note to me…the title and the first line carry the voice and the plot from ‘That’s Entertainment’ into this poem which makes the slave girl dancer in ‘ungainly entrance’ who turns the wizards chains into jewellery in this poem the same woman the piano player is supposed to be keeping in the Orchid Room and whom Mamu is waiting for in the limo in a much earlier piece. Cool, you all think I’m mad but really I know exactly what I’m doing.

  7. Oh we don’t think you are mad, we know you are…

  8. ummm cho vested humm drdgtly rigamaroll thats just it poy-fectly maaaad

  9. good work avoiding the blow

  10. I love the last line of this, it really resonates with me, even though I’m a hopeless piano player…

  11. bob ross is gorgeous and so are you gingapaul–let’s put a tree here, shall we? then the slave girl dancer can climb it and hang her magic transformative jewelry from it

    keep playing and i’ll keep listening

  12. ahh… mamu, mamu.

  13. […] “I have often thought about the role of ego in art and come to no satisfactory conclusions.” […]

  14. Ah mamu mamu. This piece has been podcast here and Mamu’s tiny shuffle is on his permanent record.

  15. cool it’s podcast will have to go give it a listen i always hear it in a new way from your voice–thank you

  16. and saw I was already playing…Play on, play on..ps..Locusts and honey..hmmm how very biblical.

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