“That’s Entertainment” by The Jam. (rewrite)

September 23, 2008 at 6:13 pm | Posted in music, writing | 8 Comments
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by the right honourable Lord Jim of Conradland, haha, he said raising the dragon tankard. Two boymen creatures from the expensive Private School, stripey ties undone lounging across seats until Fuck Off emits from his mind and they retreat into corners staring out of windows. He sits behind them and watches the wet street. They slowly return to their conversation about who fingered where of whom and so forth and his mind returned to guitar chords and those two Fairholme girls he’ld met in the park one night, thankfully not wearing school uniform that would have been unbearable despite its legality. He was drunk and stoned, it was 7.30. He was playing that night at eleven and they sat down for some reason and started drinking with him and he told them about the gig and they followed the band and attracted some boys who fought with others who had sweet young things of their own to protect. The bus stopped and he remembered he had forgotten to lockdown the computers before he left work again. Oh well,



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  1. ten minute exercise, start with first few lines of the song til they sing the first chorus and then stop and start typing.
    I will be so pissed off if one of the big record companies buys this piece of footage and pulls the clip from my vodpod. If The Jam or Paul Weller want it back they can have it, of course.
    Haha, than listen to the whole song and hearing the line “travelling on buses” and thinking you can’t make that happen but somehow deep in the recesses on my nonlinear time not thinking completely unreliable memory synchronocity machine…

  2. hahaha, the sea urchin laughs in humour, my friend; superbly & succinctly loaded sentences…

  3. I’ve seen Paul Weller driving around in his two tone mini… it’s a very loose celebrity spotter but I thought I’d pass it on.

    Oh yes, the writing (heheh)

    ten minutes? Excellent. I know all about ten minute exercises and the process really sets the adrenalin going, producing wonderful off-the-wall, knee-jerk reactions. I think Paul Weller would bloomin’ well love this. Congrats!

  4. that’s not stream of consciousness its a torrent
    admitedly, though, my mind began to wonder when it came to young ladies in school unifoms…
    Haha, carefully not in school uniforms, Oz. And I was only nineteen at the time myself, so it’s not that big a leap.

  5. Oh, show people.

  6. by the end of it, i wondered if it was a true story lol. but after reading the comments and your comments, i like your train of thoughts, choo choo!

  7. paul, best watch out that bit doesn’t get appropriated by From The Jam for their encores. i hear they need to pad out the set list a bit.

  8. Monlogage! Sweet!

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