Reverse psychopomp.

September 19, 2008 at 5:59 pm | Posted in antihaiku, blogging, links, podcast, poetry, prosepoemthingy, tshirt | 22 Comments
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Roll up roll up says the old priest staring into the mirror
and wiping away the teardrop tattoo again,
just another Friday night,
play that reverse

  • psychopomp
  • again,


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    1. If I made the words teardrop tattoo a link to my piece of the same name and then a link to the podcast, live blogging, woohoo, that would be a double reverse psychopomp and I would pop back out there into the radio again,

    2. Interesting one!

    3. exu…, bless you, haha. A wonderful slamming down of your glass as a toast to the weekend. I love every word in this little ditty and must try and use each one three times today. a link to the podcast… who what where? I shall go check…

    4. But is it just another Friday night?

    5. intruiging
      i was aware of the idea but not the title.
      the Jungian aspect is very interesting and I’m guessing more apre pos for this peice (?)

    6. the psychopomp is such a cool thing! written lyric in a psychopomp melody, what fun, that would be waaay cool a podcast like that wow looking forward to it hooray

    7. oh what juxtaposition!

    8. horses, whippoorwills, ravens, dogs, hares, crows, owls, tiggers, sparrows, harts, and dolphins.


      you are a most helpful animal – like ozymandiaz, i knew this but didn’t know it, and now i know it twice. so thanks.

      who knows how many other ways we might all experience this word, and learn its meaning?

      who is a psychopomp?
      a heartbeat of 20 bps, infamous many coloured raincoat, builds a new house everytime and either laughs or cries.

      still running a tight ship I see. Sterling work.

      (p.s dolphins = 🙂 )

    9. i didn’t know until i followed your wiki link about Gwynn ap Nudd the welsh psychopomp

      and i never thought about my night terrors being psychopomps before but now i am

      i like too how it is a concrete poem, a half a teardrop tattoo

      may you get a chance to chase down the links

    10. Its two in the AM on a Saturday. The crickets are chittering, treefrogs are chirping, my dog is asleep under my bed and I mailed my manuscript yesterday. A broken arrow is half a peace sign. A teardrop tattoo must be a scar left from love.

    11. It’s nice to be visiting again…you never fail to intrigue…

    12. How enlightening!

    13. hmmmmmm……..

      I love the idea of reverse psychopomp.


    14. I guess this is why they cover the mirrors when somebody dies…
      I do not like the idea of bringing them back -carrying memories that are to vivid -that does make me feel …not well in my own skin. I fear tattoos too- commitment issues maybe?

      To forget is a gift.

    15. hello,( again) psychopomp by mcpaulus–why do you sometimes change your name? another puzzle box to add to the collection i suppose

      what kind of phantasmogorphic ditty will you have for us next i wonder?

    16. Good luck this time? 🙂

    17. Two new words and concepts to think about: psychopomp, exu. I feel so ignorant compared to your other readers, as I always do. A reverse psychopomp: Night of the Living Dead? See what I mean?

    18. […] Gingatao lived up to his image with an immortality spell called “reverse […]

    19. I’ve been coming back to this time and again, waiting for that ultimate reading that makes it all come together. It hasn’t all merged for me yet, but I can feel my feeble brain expanding to meet the challenge. By the way, I am really enjoying the Puzzle Box. I read a couple of pages each night to bring my head out of my study. Fantastic work, Paul.

    20. Thnks everybody. I like a little mental gymnastics. I think ideas do have a kind of shape like in a mental map, they feel like that to me anyway. Oh what do other people think about answering each comment individually? I like to do it but it’s a bit time consuming. But is doing just one general big thankyou like this a bit rude? I don’t know. The feedback is great though and definitely much appreciated. Rage on,

    21. Hey Paul. I’ve been struggling with that problem too. It’s always nice to come back and see a personal response, so I feel as though I should really be trying to make the same effort. The other option is the email response. I’ve had a few of those and it does give one a nice rosy feeling; but as you say, its pretty time consuming. Personally, I don’t take any offence from the group hug. In fact, if it’s done really well it could be very exciting indeed.

    22. Personally? I think each response speaks for itself and bounces off the other. I notice blogs where the blogger waits to sum up leads to more dynamic discussion among the discussants rather than just everything addressed to the blogger. I think it’s important we bloggers get less dependent on the blogger’s approval and just more concerned with what we have the say. The blogger has already made his/her contribution with the post. So I don’t think people should take lack of personal responses personally and I am trying to work towards that goal myself. No response necessary, of course.

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