stumbling into haikus,

September 18, 2008 at 6:11 pm | Posted in antihaiku, writing | 12 Comments
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who, haha, drunken master style,
some antihaiku drum solo
Takeshi Kitano style
someone has to expend energy and someone has to receive it
and somewhere cracks a whip
otherwise yeh dead son
roe your boat home
stumbling into haikus
and scaring flocks of birds a’flyin’
leda abandoned into zeus


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  1. Your writing is very unusual and original!
    Thanks Nick, that is the highest compliment I can imagine especially coming from an artist like yourself, creative imaginative and tremendous craft which I greatly respect.

  2. Leda- wasn’t she the mother of Helen and Castor?

    I seem to remember something about a swan. Could be wrong.

    Quite a dark piece.
    Hello again, Crushed. Long time no see. There was a swan indeed,

  3. global flight today, eh, paul?

    “leda abandoned into zeus”: i have always wondered about leda–raped? seduced? entranced? i imagine she would want to, to know, to feel, to have that experience. so i am puzzling your last line–who did the abandoning? her culture? did leda abandon herself? was she with him with abandon–without fear?

    i will contemplate more on the other lines leading up to this one…and read others responses!
    Yes, I thought hard about the balance in the last line, decided on abandoned into, don’t spend too much time contemplating,

  4. drunken master style

    I wish I could do that…
    Haha me too,

  5. unique poetic images/words of woven volumes and color who contain both new and known worlds, amazing
    you are amazing, Tipota, thankyou,

  6. i love it when you add the greeks into the mix. i love the tap or rhythm of the poem. the beginning is especially noteworthy. excellent!
    Cool, thanks Mrs Ott. I’ll see if I can whack a few more ancients in as we go along,

  7. I am slightly discombobulated by the last line I think (ha!) but I’m not sure. It seems to change the tone from what seemed a stomping romp but, of course, that is probably the point. Curiouser and curiouser, which is always fun.
    Yes this last line is deliberately discombobulating as I said I worked it and tricked it into balance. It is not a friendly or loving or affectionate poem, it is an anti-haiku after all. There is a whip cracked, power exchanged, people talk of The Rape of Leda but the original story is far more complex. I think this poem follows on from the discussion about consent and manipulation in a few of the previous pieces.

  8. I like the idfea of an antihaiku drum solo, and as for stumbling ito haikus I’m always doing that

  9. apparently, haikus are in the air this month. come stumble into mine, there, sailor.

  10. The eternal predator and the eternal victim? I am always guessing here, not that I complain 🙂 …

  11. Strong message..I can hear it.I can see it..Do you know what you reveal? I think you do. I appreciate your wording. I understand this very much.

  12. […] the old mans hands keep dancing this way Leda that way Zeus, It’s not enough to conquer one must also seduce, Posted by Paul Filed in […]

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