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“Listen” will always be one of the centrepieces of my writing but it is incredibly difficult to record well because it is about the relationship between sound, meaning and the mystical. But Mary P. was the first to make a request so here is another attempt at it. There will probably be many more and I am resigned to never getting a recording of it that I think is close to finished.

(Oh and Listen is in The Puzzle Box and so on but I am getting embarrassed about advertising it all the time, sorry and just for my notes I put a different more mellow less performancey version of Listen in the podcast site here.)



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  1. wow,
    loved it! I should listen to this everyday before sleeping, maybe this way I can hold on to the threads of my dreams…
    Thankyou, Hayat,

  2. wow. i agree. this is wonderful and breathtaking. it has a very soothing and elegant quality to it.
    Lissa! You’re back again, yayaya. Thankyou,

  3. this is phenomenal a cornerstone infinite space you are a genius species with a heartbeat voice this is
    beautiful light and yet volumetric amazing wow
    Wow to you too, what an amazing comment, thankyou,

  4. its okay to feel the heat of the blush dear Gingatao. but i would be handing out flyers in my neighborhood if i had apuzzle box. lol.
    i think your book should come with a cigar and a rocking chair and a wool scarf. or maybe you should sell a puzzlebox podcast.
    tipota describes your voice with very fair and honest words. i too, think the voice is volumetric.

  5. okay and i have two: eastern horizon and this one from cocoyea

    but it is very hard to pick from yours, there are many i’d love to hear. i’m still trying to find one i had in mind. it reminded me of moby dick though.
    Oh yes, I remember that one. I will find it and do that one too, Mrs Ott. The Cocoyea poem is a bit scarey,

  6. This is my favorite write by far…your voice fits together with your words, like the mechanisms in a clock. Perfectly & meant to be.
    Thank you Tina, you are wonderful,

  7. The best thing is that you can hear your love for the words as you speak them. Again, I say that cannot be manufactured and is why, I believe, people fall in love with your writing so much because of the belief that shines from every word. Sir Ian would be jealous of this performance.
    Thanks, Mary. It was a daunting task doing this one again. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Sir Ian isn’t talking to me anymore, we shall have to wait for his opinion, haha,

  8. I loved this. I have my own podcast now, I DID figure it out. lol And I posted Angel of Selene so I won’t be a bother. I still think you could do it better. lol

  9. Sorry, here is the link. I’m trying Paul! Fabian’s podcast.

  10. Come now, I am not advertising. I am just trying to talk to my friend…because I leave a link I am moderated? hmmm. That kind of sucks….But, maybe it is necessary. I understand.
    Your podcast is fantastic, Fabian. I hold any comment with a link for moderation, the spammer by comment mosquitoes are terrible at this time of year.

  11. yes. this. i needed this. today.

    perfect *huge smiles here

    i went shy on the matter of request (i’m like that) but goddess spoke through MaryP (goddesses are like that)

    thank you, Paul …
    Thankyou, Shell. It is a joy to see you smiling,

  12. what a dreamy tone your voice has! I didn’t think this piece could be any better but wow waves on the ocean my friend
    Thankyou, my friend too,

  13. your box of puzzles is coming soon mr squires. i’ll be waiting at the window for the postman from here on out! i got the ship notice today. yayayaya, as you would say. : )
    Oh, I am so nervous, Mrs Ott. When I am giving it away in the blog I can be wildly confident and yayayay and so on but now people are paying money for it, it is terrifying. I really hope you enjoy it. Oh and my paypal account is nearly confirmed for the signage, too.

  14. You have a very nice voice. How do you embed the file into a post?
    Thanks Paul. You have a wordpressdotorg site I think so the process would be different.

  15. The words come alive… Just lovely, absolutely lovely. Thank you.
    Thankyou, Cocoyea,

  16. Lovely!
    I want to listen all day and all night!
    Cool, thankyou,

  17. I love what I hear! Reminds me o a time past.
    Thanks Randall, ahh the good ol’ days,

  18. I’m oddly impressed. You have an interesting cadence to your voice. As you well know from our unholy union, I’m a broadcaster here in the states…not just a cute face.

    I’d be interested in hearing more…more of your stuff with more inflection, especially.

    You know how to “inflect” don’t you Paul? You just put your vocal chords together and vibrate.

    Oddly impressed? Australians are prone to under-inflection being fairly non-hysterical types. But I have a whole podcast site full of different inflections. There is a link in the sidebar, there. Thanks for your wonderful feedback, Laurie.

  19. I’ll check it out. Thanks for the referral. I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t know that much about Aussies–not for a lack of trying/

    Let’s see…I used to watch “Skippy: The Bush Kangaroo” as a kid.

    I watched Mel Gibson as “Tim”.

    Paul Hogan’s comedy never phased me. Neither did his acting.

    But I do like Icehouse and Midnight Oil and even so, would NEVER let a “dingo get me baby daughter”.

    Lastly, does admiring Yvonne Gulagong’s one time tennis prowess count?

    Too right.

    Vegemite for everyone!

    Yes, that sounds like you have a good grasp on Australia, Laurie. Excuse me for a minute there are kangaroos in the billabong again, they are scaring the koalas,

  20. paying for it, but in essence they should be. and not that you can put a price on any of it PaulS but that this is your work; and so its my obligation to pay into such a thing. same thing as i would feel about a tithe; or paying to see a circus. how do you aput a price on any of this except that what i can i give for the aesthetics i enjoy the most. your work is extraordinary, let us help you continue, if nothing else.
    You are too kind, Mrs Ott. Thankyou so much,

  21. I take it comprehension of sarcasm isn’t “big” in your neck of the woods?

    Unless your mocking response to my sarcastic comments about the superficiality of my admittedly limited knowlledge of all things Australian was in fact meant to be sarcastic in and of itself.

    If that’s the case, then duly noted.


    I get that a lot about Texas. Many people assume we’re all cowboys with horses parked in the front yard, livestock shit everywhere you look and of course, working oil derricks in every backyard.

    While there are truths to every stereotype, those things are hardly the norm.

    And while, I happen to know Paul, that kangaroos and digiridoos are not ubiquitous in Australia, I was merely attempting levitiy…albeit weak levity.

    I think I’ll take my leave here. It’s been a slice, Paul.

    Thanks for visiting, Laurie. It’s has been a slice indeed.

  22. Dear God man! Do something! Those kangaroos might eat those cuddly koalas! I learned all I ever needed to know about Australia from Paul Hogan and Steve Erwin. lol We have marsupials. We call them possums. Texas has something like them lying on the side of every highway. THEY are called armadillos, sort of like a possum on the half shell. I want to come hang out with the aboriginals and eat some lizard. yum. I would really like to go scuba diving off the great barrier coral reef, seriously. And get some anti-biotics for that inflection, in the throat, wasn’t it?
    Haha, I shall F.G. You must visit one day. We can have a witchety grub feast. And diving yes, and beer drinking which Aussies are particularly good at. Catch a plane, woohoo,

  23. Wow! Such a pleasure (and painful) to close my eyes and let this flow through me. I have read this a few times previously. Hearing the words spoken really does enforce the emotions. Thanks, Paul.
    Thanks Brad. Sorry about the painful bit.

  24. I second LK on the quality of the voice. Have you ever worked as a radio broadcaster?
    I worked years ago as a news editor at a small Radio station and that was one thing some of my co-workers taught me : how to use my voice. But I did not get that good at reading out loud.
    Australia. Beyond Crocodile Dundee and Jane Campion I do not know much about it. I’d like to know more, I googled a list of writers and poets and could not decide were to start. I’ll see about it (I’d appreciate some suggestions as well).
    Thankyou Annamari. I haven’t worked in that field but it would be fun. There are so many great Australian writers it’s hard to know where to start. Patrick White won the Nobel Prize for Literature and was one of our most famous novelists. Tim Winton is probably our most successful contemporary novelist. I love the poetry of Oodgeroo Noonuncal who lived in the same area as I do. She was an indigenous leader and activist for Aboriginal rights and a wonderful poet. There are so many but I hope that helps.

  25. may i add my cheers to the din?

    it’s really beautiful and moving paul

    think you could add a link to the post of the text? it’s lovely to hear it and then see it and vice versa…

    we should all unite and figure out a way to get tracks like these out into the bigger world…

  26. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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