Wishing Well.

August 26, 2008 at 6:43 pm | Posted in writing | 11 Comments
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In Australian the term, ‘giving it away’ has two mutually distinct meanings. One is stopping, ceasing and desisting. As in, digging this well, it’s tiring, there’s nothing in it for me and I’m thinking of giving it away.

The other is the obvious monk-like behaviour of holding onto nothing, complete generosity of spirit, as though creativity was infinite. As in, well, Squires, you stumbled on this island containing a fountain like the tail of a peacock in a Sumedhian garden and what are you going to do with it? Oh, I’m gonna have a helluva lot of fun giving it away, sir.



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  1. Starting with a simple vocabulary study and digging with it into a valley opening to an existential question! These two small paragraphs say a lot to me…As deep as your wishing well. I am amazed!
    Thankyou, Hayat. I am amazed at the generosity of your comment,

  2. haha! Amazed is right! First I would thank you and almost blush for that link, it flatters me!
    Second, I am going to second what hayat above said! This was very nice!
    Sumedh, my friend. I only hope my writing does justice to your photo,

  3. I’m more likely to “give it away” in the first fashion.
    I know the feeling, Oz.

  4. Sumedh has captured a beautiful bird…creativity is infinite. 🙂
    Hellooo Tina, your new poem is soooo beautiful it broke my heart.

  5. It is also my favourite song by the RHCPeppers… I like the last part of this because it is what many people forget – giving it away IS a lot of fun. Even if it is just a smile that you give, it costs nothing and gives both recipient and bearer a feeling of bon homie. I think too many people forget that whilst they are lost in their own worlds.

    Oh and I’m no monk, haha…

    Sumedh’s photo is wonderful. The colour is magnificent and the composition is such that the peacock is quite literally moving rather than a static portrait. Fab stuff.
    It is a wonderful photo, Mary. I think the RHCP song is about a different subject although Blood Sex Sugar Magic is always a good recipe,

  6. i do adore that peacock. i hope you’ll keep that arctic tern poem link up for a while. im going to a show but i want to make sure i find my way back to it. enjoy your giving it of it all away. giving is a marvellous gift
    The peacock is a character. You’ll be able to find the arctic term poem through the feed there even it has flipped to a new poem, the tern poem will still be there, Mrs Ott.

  7. beautiful. i’m watching you Sumedh, all the time 😛

    Paul, you are inclined to kindness and giving it away in the latter fashion, and i think that’s a wonderful part of you i can’t never imitate like a child learning to grow, growing to learn.
    Thankyou, Aefiel, that is very sweet. Look out Sumedh, you are being watched, haha,

  8. haha, I can only thank anyone who is watching me! Thank you!

  9. hmm…interesting.

  10. […] all that the whole thing isn’t just a waste of time.  Sometimes you’re tempted to just give it away. But you don’t.  You keep working.  And one reason you keep working is that it’s […]

  11. I have been accused of being too generous too often. Whether I have it to give or not, is there such a thing as TOO generous? I think not…but then again, I believe it all comes back to you 100x over so its a matter of perspective.
    It is indeed a matter of perspective.

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