Velazquez Tattoo.

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“If you think in a certain way you may feel better,” said the old man, it’s not a question of belief. But it is innate in human nature to question, to seek. It was one of the primary reasons we became so successful as a certain type of creature. The old priest tucks himself into his cassock. I am tired of preaching to the converted my love. He has a photograph of himself as a young man with a painting by Velazquez tattooed on his back. He is standing on a beach somewhere and you can’t tell if the sun is rising or setting over the ocean. The tattoo is all he has to show for some adventure. He is dripping wet and in his hand is some dull object too blurred by the sepias of time to be identified.

Besides, he says putting the photograph back on the dresser and looking up into the mirror, silence is consent and people are still dying. Outside is the clatter of swords on horseback and a sudden silence. He waits for the knock on the door.


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  1. knock knock
    whos there
    gingataos underwear
    Haha, Tipota, new clothes,

  2. no truly this is lovely and spiritus sanctus thankyou
    you are amazingly gifted writer evryone agrees will be famous especially cuz he doesnt want to

  3. and the tattoo is worth a bizillion wampum clams
    thankyou, Tipota, you are wonderful,

  4. I am really enjoying what you are doing:)
    Thankyou, Hayat. I am really enjoying what you are doing in your bloggedy blog too.

  5. and we are ‘a certain type of creature’ indeed, good choice of words. The image of the tattoo against the sea and sun is wonderful
    Thanks, Juliet,

  6. Now I have to go get a new tattoo…
    Don’t forget to post photos, my queen,

  7. you are one of the most intriguing writers…i find myself re-reading your words…cautiously tasting to find new and subtle flavors.
    Thankyou, Meander. I am enjoying your posts about being a writer and I hope I am not being too verbose in your comment section,

  8. ‘silence is consent’ is perhaps the only thing I can categorically stamp my feet and disagree with you on… oh ok, it’s one of a few but perhaps the most categorical. I think it is a testament to your belief that you are able to state it whereas I always err on caution and see silence as disapproval or polite rejection. Velasquez, oh Velasquez… so much to say, so many people to portray so much more than their actual selves. Perfect choice.
    Haha, the irony is Mary P. that you are one of the only people ever to disagree with me in here and for that you have my eternal respect. “Silence is consent” is a an old political catchcry, as in silence in the face of injustice is consent to it, similar to ‘ evil when prospers when good people do nothing.’ Thankyou again for your wonderful commenting behaviours,

  9. Beautiful and intriguing, a common man getting back to his roots and realizing his place in life is uncommon/CONFESSION
    If I make a confession then; hear now; that would be a winner.
    I am just not one to sit in Catholic booths and spill my guts to priests.
    It would not ease my soul a bit though I am no more saint than sinner.
    I do not behoove them their relics, rituals and feasts.
    I have marked with watchful eye; the consumptive, and heard them say, “See how daily he grows thinner?”
    So I breathed in Shakespeare like Arizona air, had Bronte’ for brunch and D. H. Lawrence for dinner.
    Ever the transcendentalist I; like good old Thoreau, still asking why?
    I was marked as a socialist for reading Jack London.
    Why he was masquerading as one, even I am still wondering.
    The priest down the street, late at night, leaves on his lamp.
    He hopes I will not interrupt his daily reading of Mein Kampft.
    They say he is a parlor Jew and a closet Muslim.
    That is their concession.
    Although I would not know for I have not heard his confession.

  10. I hope by now dear friend you forgive my eccentricities such as the above comment, just looking at it, did I spell the madman’s book correctly?
    Haha, F.G., your comments are wonders of improvised wordart, nothing to forgive, my friend. Which madmad, there are so many,

  11. this absolutely fascinated me. a beautiful sunday read for my already so-pleasant afternoon
    I’m glad, Mrs Ott. I have got paypal sorted and am just waiting for bank confirmation of number button pushing thingy. Have a perfect Sunday,

  12. I was speaking of old Adolf with the horsehair moustache. lol I have subscribed to your podcast at podbean. I am still unsure of how the whole thing works though. Perhaps I will be podding soon. lol
    Ahh, that lunatic. Podcasting is a lot of fun. You would be great at it, your poems are perfect for performance. Let me know if you have any questions. All you need is a cheap microphone, free Audacity software and site to host them like Podbean. Rage on, Fabian,

  13. Hi Gingataos, I pay you a visit and find strange, witty, sharp writing (although my English doesn´t allow me too much…).Funny, I know a woman who wore a tattoo of a woman who wore a tattoo of a woman with a Velázquez’ s painting tattoo on her back. Strange world…
    Hello, Alfonso. Thanks for dropping by and for your comment. Strange world indeed. Your website is absolutely fantastic. If I knew anything about computers I would make one just like that. Thankyou again,

  14. anything to do with a priest, tucking himself in is scary..
    Ohh do’nt be scared. I’m just glad someone noticed that bit,

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